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   Chapter 1248 New News

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8788

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Emily woke up in a room flooded with warm sunshine. She faintly opened her eyes, which fell upon the yellow night lamp that had remained on throughout the night.

Adapting to the brightness, she moaned in frustration. Finally, she noticed Rita sleeping right next to her.

She was taken aback. Frowning, she tried to recall what had happened last night. A flood of vague memories rushed into her head like waves across a shore. It didn't take her a long time to realize that she had relapsed.

Of late, her relapses were becoming more and more frequent. To add to that, her behavior was bordering on irrational every day now. Although her suicidal thoughts were better in control than before, her mental state was terrible. All thoughts were lost in her head like a riot.

She was so puzzled and frustrated. Her sanity had diminished to an extent that she could no longer comprehend the consequences of her own actions!

Now, she was holding her head in her hands, trying to compose herself. She took a few deep breaths, like her doctor had suggested her to do every time she thought she was spiraling. The first thing that came to her mind was the launch event that was going to be held the following day.

She took a look at her watch. Less than twelve hours remained until the launch! The main drawings were yet to be done. If she couldn't finish them on time, she would crumble with humiliation at the launch.

She couldn't sit there and be miserable anymore, even though her body felt extremely heavy, her mind even more so. She managed to push the quilt aside and dragged herself to the bathroom to freshen up. Not even waiting for her customary cup of morning tea and cookies, she proceeded to work on the design, even if her stomach growled.

There wasn't a lot of time left, but she was determined to make the best of all the ideas that came to her, treating each of them like glimmers of hope.

Love and Dream was her dream project! It was almost a fairyland that Jacob had created for her. It meant the world to her and consequently to Jacob. Emily couldn't imagine being the reason for the company's bankruptcy.

Hunched over the desk, she didn't realize that her movement, however swift it was, had woken Rita up.

When Rita saw that Emily was up, she almost jumped up with joy! But soon, the joy subsided, and a frown took over her happiness. She walked to her quickly and spoke. "Emily! Let me warn you! You mustn't go anywhere tonight! You need to stay and rest in bed. You know the doctor said you fainted because of stressing too much! Nothing is more important than your own health. Stop working

ne soon showed effects. Emily's grip relaxed and slowly, she stopped trembling. Rita let her deal with it on her own for a few minutes, and only looked at her in a non-imposing way. After a while, Emily met her gaze with shame, and spoke softly. "I had a relapse again..."

Her voice was weak and wounded. She sighed heavily... as if she had lost all hope. Every time she thought she was through, the sorrow came back for her, and she was tired of living at the mercy of her unstable mental state.

Rita pursed her lips, a terrible ache shooting through her heart. She knew Emily would never act out like this on her own, but the cruel reality broke her.

She knew Emily still had to go a long way battling her depression, but she was unaware that her situation had worsened to such an extent.

Rita spread her arms and let her collapse in them, both their eyes red with tears. .

She knew her embrace might not be warm or powerful enough for her entire body to feel at peace, but as long as it provided some comfort to her, it was worth it. "It's okay, Emily. I know you're suffering. No matter what happens, Jacob, David, and the Ke Family will always be by your side. We will constantly be there to support you and help you battle this state..."

Emily tightened her grip around Rita, sobbing quietly. Tears stained Rita's shoulder, but as she looked at Emily, she found her smiling.

Thanks to Rita's reassuring words, Emily felt better and hopeful again. She held her hands and smiled at her, wiping her tears. She was really looking forward to the product launch!

Now she knew she didn't have to be afraid of the launch event. And then, after the launch, Beryl would come back to her...and their family would finally be together...

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