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   Chapter 1247 Get The Drawing

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Five minutes later, the office was quiet and deserted, and no one saw Estelle on the monitoring camera placed outside the director's office.

She tiptoed up to the door of Emily's office and glanced around furtively, making sure there was no one else about. Then, she sneaked into the office, feeling as if she were walking on eggshells.

Estelle swallowed heavily in fear, and she felt as if her trembling legs would buckle under her at any time. Her body was quivering with terror. She had never done such a thing before in her life, and she had never thought herself capable of doing something like this. However, she had no choice as she was caught between a rock and a hard place. Her father's health and the future of her younger sister were depending on her. From the moment she had chosen this path, there was no way out and no way back.

Her heart ached, for she knew that Emily had been very kind to her, but she was destined to betray Emily in this life. If there was a next life, she would be willing to do anything then to repay her. But in this life, she could only choose her father and sister. Family came first.

At the moment, she was rifling through Emily's office. The new product launch event was scheduled for tomorrow, and all the products had been finalized. The original design of the products was undoubtedly in this office. As long as Estelle found it, she would have kept up her end of the deal to save her family.

Once she could finish this last dreadful mission, she wouldn't have to worry about her family's difficulties ever again. They could go abroad and live in comfort.

So, even though she had been struggling hard to delay the inevitable, she had made up her mind that this was her moment. She wanted to take advantage of this perfect opportunity to put an end to everything.

However, the original design seemed to have been hidden away by Emily. Estelle had searched for a long time, but could not find any trace of the design drawings. Her frustration caused her to tremble more and more fiercely. Just when she feared that she had reached her breaking point, a framed family photo caught her eye.

just wanted to stay as far away from Ethan as possible.

However, according to this evil man's personality, if she really admitted that she was happy, then she would be eaten alive in the next moment.

But if she lied and told him that she didn't want to leave him, would it then make him misunderstand her? What was more, if he really satisfied her unspoken wish, she would…

Ah, it was so difficult to deal with this man!

Feeling embarrassed for quite a while, Estelle didn't answer him in the end.

After being stared at for a long time, Estelle finally couldn't stand his scrutiny anymore. She stood up and said, "If there's nothing else, I'll be leaving."


Estelle's heart skipped a beat. She slowly turned around and asked, "Err… Is there anything else?"

"Call me at once if you need any help." Ethan's voice was still cold and emotionless, and his dark eyes were unreadable.

Hearing these words, Estelle finally sighed, releasing her tension. She answered with a nod and then departed, scampering away as fast as a rabbit.

On the other hand, Ethan sat on the sofa and watched Estelle as she left. His face remained expressionless, but his eyes were veiled with something hidden, which was seemingly calm but was actually surging beneath the surface of his emotions.

Matters of the heart were usually too complicated to explain in words.

It was something that couldn't be mentioned again.

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