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   Chapter 1246 Knew The Secret

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And since domestically, rumors about the transfer of the HT Group had not been spread, it meant that Jacob had blocked any leaks of the news completely. He had dared to do this, because he had been confident enough in his ability to block Darren's return to the country.

No wonder that Darren had turned to Ethan for help. After all, except for the police, no one else could easily deal with Jacob or Louis in a domestic capacity.

After handing the document back to Darren, Ethan feigned a regretful look and said, "I'm really sorry, Mr. Darren. But I can't help you in this matter. Money has never been my sole interest. What's more, if I were to help you or do you a favor, then I would make enemies of Jacob and Louis. Both of them are not to be trifled with. Even if you promised me the shares in the HT Group, we would still be unable to deal with them. Or have you become so mighty that you can take over the Ke Group too? Even if you were able to take over both groups, I fear that due to their great talent, Jacob and Louis would simply start more companies as big as the HT Group and the Ke Group. You are no match for them."

Darren's face turned pale and livid at Ethan's words. Thinking for a moment, Darren then responded with a meaningful tone as if he was about to complete a huge undertaking, "As long as I can take over the HT Group, I will be able to make it impossible for Jacob to ever have another chance to stand up!"

Ethan tapped the table with his slender fingers and said in a dry voice, "I guess that you set this goal last time when you were ready to hold a press conference to announce that the HT Group would officially belong to you, right?"

But what had happened then?

It had been a dead end.

It seemed that Darren had become more irritated by what Ethan had said. Now, his calm face was rippling with a strong hint of anger. In Darren's opinion, Jacob had always been the root cause of his failures throughout his whole life. What he hated most in his life was failure, and it irked him that he had been constantly defeated by Jacob.

Every time he heard the mention of Jacob's name, he always became so angry that he choked on unspeakable pain.

As a result, Darren had lost control by the time he replied to Ethan. He gritted his teeth and said, "You should listen to me now, or else you won't be able to hide anything from Bill."

However, Ethan sneered at Darren's impotent threat. Daren redirected his attention back to Ethan as his face contorted in shock when he heard Ethan's mocking. "Mr. Darren, have you become somewhat stupid after hiding yourself in such a dark place for a long time? Since you are aware that I have taken control of most of Bill's power,

enough for her. She just wanted to continue roaring out her pain and agony.

It was quite a while before her assistant realized that something was wrong. She rushed inside and saw Emily's face horribly contorted with raw emotion.

"Director Emily, is it time for you to take your medicine?" the assistant asked in a quivering voice.

It was not the first time that the assistant had seen Emily behaving so abnormally, but this time, Emily appeared much more terrifying than she had been before.

Not waiting for Emily's answer, the assistant rushed over to Emily's hat stand and took out the medicine from her bag. She shook out one pill and handed it to Emily. "Director Emily, please take it."

But at this point, Emily had neither stopped roaring nor heard her assistant's voice. Because of this loud commotion, many of the company's employees had begun crowding at the door, but no one dared to enter.

The assistant saw that the situation was fast getting out of hand, so she mustered up her courage. Finally, she shouted with a voice even louder than Emily's, "Emily, take the medicine!"

It was not until this moment that Emily stopped roaring as if she had been stunned by something rational. With blank eyes, she stared off into nothingness, and then crumpled like a paper doll to the floor without another sound.

"Director Emily, what's wrong with you?" The assistant held Emily in her arms, trying to keep her upright. When the assistant saw that Emily had really lost consciousness, she became frightened and shouted at the people at the door, "Don't just stand there! Director Emily has fainted. Call an ambulance! Hurry up!"

It was only then that the rest of the staff came back to their senses. They dashed into the office and helped pick Emily up, rushing her to the hospital.

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