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   Chapter 1245 Negotiation

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Without any hesitation, Fannie picked up the contract after Dina signed it. As her eyes landed on the ex-star standing in despair, she did not show any sympathy towards her.

It was not because she was ruthless. Fannie was just giving Dina the same treatment for those times Dina had never appreciated her concern for her. Just like the old saying went, you reaped what you sowed.

"Take care of yourself, Dina."

Then, Fannie sighed and walked out. The assistant took a look at Dina, turned around, and then followed Fannie out quickly in spite of pity for her.

Silence reigned in the room again. There was only Dina, alone in the big villa. Failing to carry the burden anymore, she slowly slid down to the floor and curled herself up with her head between her knees and her arms. And her whole body trembled.

Her world collapsed around her and could no longer be pieced back together. It was irreparable...

Meanwhile, in F Country...

When Darren learned what happened to Dina, anger was written all over his face in an instant.

'Dina, look what you've done. You did not learn anything. Instead of helping me, you put yourself in such a trouble, ' Darren thought. He regretted not having kept a close watch on Dina, or else things wouldn't have developed like that.

The informer saw Darren becoming more serious and furious as time ticked by. For fear that Darren would vent his anger on him, he hurriedly said, "Boss, there is another piece of news. This time, it's good. Ethan has agreed to meet you."

As expected, Darren's expression slowly got less serious. It was good indeed. Darren thought, 'I may have lost one chess piece which can no longer be taken advantage of, but I have gotten a better one. Thus, I will definitely make good use of it.'

That night, at half past seven, Darren and Ethan met in a private room of the Hilton Hotel.

"Mr. Ethan, it's good to see you! It has been such a long time," Darren greeted enthusiastically.

When Darren had been still in good terms with Billy, he had seen Ethan several times. He knew very well that Ethan was a scheming and very capable man. If such an excellent man like Ethan would ally with him or work for him, his return to his homeland would be a breeze.

However, Ethan had no intention of shaking hands with Darren who offered his hand in greeting. He just gave him a slight nod and said with a smile, "Sorry, I don't want any physical contact with others.

to be signed, but he had still failed to go through all the formalities to really possess the group. This really annoyed Darren.

Therefore, for Darren, the best thing for the time being was to return to his homeland safely rather than stay in F Country in hiding. This had become his top priority. Although Nora had promised to go back to their homeland with Carlos, it was not absolutely safe. So, Darren was doing everything to make his return to his homeland as safe as possible. And, with such a capable man like Ethan, he would do his best to use the guy to help him return to his country.

Proceeding with his plan, Darren laid out everything to Ethan without any hesitation. "If you can help me return to our homeland, I will give you half of the shares of the HT Group and KING Group."

Both the HT Group and KING Group were top domestic enterprises. Darren was very confident that this temptation was absolutely big enough for Ethan.

"HT Group?" Ethan asked as he frowned. After pausing for a few seconds, he continued, "Mr. Darren, don't you think that you are talking too big?"

Domestically, Ethan had never heard that the HT Group had been transferred to anyone else.

After hearing Ethan's line of questioning, Darren took out a document and placed it on the table. Then, he pushed it in front of Ethan. The heading of the document was "Share Transfer Agreement of the HT Group." Ethan found that the agreement was complete with signatures and stamps.

He raised his head and looked at the man sitting opposite him. It had never occurred to him that Darren was a smart man who was good at using tactics.

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