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   Chapter 1244 Terminate The Contract

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Meanwhile in Jingshi City, a high-end villa was swarmed by reporters. Inside, Dina was madly throwing things away. The room was a mess. It was littered by broken fragments and an assortment of personal effects.

Her twisted face and messy hair frightened her assistant, who made herself untouchable in a corner. She only started to move when she saw Dina reached out to the bookshelf containing all the TV awards she had won. She boldly rushed to Dina and tried to constrain her.

"Dina! Are you crazy?! You worked so hard to get them. Those are the products of your time, energy, and sweat over your career years," the assistant shouted loudly, trying very hard to make her calm down. In a softer voice, the assistant continued, "Don't worry. Fannie will be here soon. And, she will definitely find a way to help you."

For a moment, Dina stopped and seemed to be shocked. Half a minute passed, and a lone crystal tear dropped from her eye, but she snorted and said, "Huh, worked hard? No one will believe how hard I have worked for them. What they see now is that I reached this position by foul means!"

Her heart bleeding, she clearly knew she had lost her reputation. She bet that there would be people who would laugh at her when she walked on the streets. There was no point in denying everything because of one thing.

In order to get the roles she played in all of her movies, she had indeed sold herself a lot of times. However, her talent for acting was for real. Unfortunately, every time she practiced her lines, no one was around her. Who would help her prove her hard work? The day during the audition, she admitted that she did not feel good. But why didn't anyone consider her acting skills in those movies where she had performed well? Another thing to be considered was the judges' taste at the International Film Festival. They could not lie.

But these... They were not going to care about these!

She had thought it was a flawless scheme. Even if she received the message, there would be no conclusive evidence to prove it, and the other party couldn't do anything to her. Many actors and actresses would be involved in this drama if only Yanis had released the video for the audition that day. He was an actor-turned-director and wouldn't dare to act like that.

However... Everything had gone beyond her expectation. Her cousin, who had been silent all this ti

t over her. She almost lost her balance as she was going to faint. So, the assistant, who was just standing in a corner quietly, hurried over to support her. After all, she had worked with Dina for a long time, and she couldn't bear to see her like that. "Dina, don't be too sad. When this matter passes, there may be a chance that the company will reconsider you."

"We won't do that! There's no second chance anymore." Fannie Kang instantly interrupted the assistant's words, and then looked at Dina again. "If you agree to terminate the contract now, we will give you a considerable compensation for breaching the contract. And, there's more. The company will help you pay the advertising companies. However, if you delay the signing, all these offers will be gone. It will do you no good but only harm!"

With tears rolling down, Dina could not do anything anymore. Even if she regretted her behavior, there was no going back. She could only blame herself for being too shallow. Being in the entertainment industry for a long time, she should have known that a mistake was a taboo and would end her career in just a snap of the fingers. However, when that day came to her, all she could feel were endless desolation and a chill.

After quite some time, Dina wiped her tears. She finally stood up and walked slowly towards the table. She opened the folder, picked up the pen, and signed her name on the papers.

With her signature on the contract, she knew her career in the entertainment industry had come to an end. The curtain had closed on her. And that could not be called perfect.

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