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   Chapter 1243 Notorious

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6520

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A video which mainly featured Zeph appeared on the screen. The footage detailed the whole process of him going to the telecommunication company to track the phone number's owner.

"Mr. Li, after thorough investigation and verification, I have confirmed that this phone number belongs to Dina Li." Everyone heard the receptionist's reply to Zeph in the video.

It surprised everyone. These words and the video changed everything.

Suddenly, Zeph said, "If this information and the video do not count as evidence, I have another video here. But before playing it, I have to clarify something. Before I got this video, I had checked all of the surveillance cameras from Xandria's crew in Room 1518 in NF Hotel. Coincidentally, all of these cameras didn't work. Someone had destroyed them. I got this particular footage from the black box of a private car in the NF Hotel's underground parking lot. This was the sole surveillance camera that she had missed. Here's what the video contains."

As soon as Zeph finished speaking, a different video was played on the LED screen behind him. The footage was a little blurred, but everyone present could clearly see the events that had unfolded. At 8:30 on the previous night, a nanny van had slowly driven into the aforementioned parking lot. Shortly after, several strong-looking men had climbed out of the vehicle, dragging a woman out. The woman was undoubtedly Xandria. In the video, it was clear that she was unconscious.

While the viewers thought that they had already had the shock of their lives, the last person to step out of the van shook them to their core.

It was none other than Dina in her high heels. The video showed her giving the men orders before leaving.

Although the video only lasted five minutes, everyone clearly saw what had happened. They all could not speak or had their mouths open in shock. Even quite a while after the video had ended, some eyes remained fixed on the

Dina, visibly upset, lashed out at the director. She intimidated him, reminded him of her identity and status, and even abused him. Before the video ended, Dina could be seen dragging Xandria away.

The audition tapes could not have been released to the public without the approval of relevant departments. In addition, some actresses concerned would be negatively impacted once the tapes were exposed. Its release was proof that Yanis had had enough.

Now, the whole truth had come out. Dina had come up with the made-up story about Yanis and Xandria because she had been jealous of Xandria. The director had chosen Xandria not because they were sleeping together, but because she had delivered a truly excellent performance. To convince the public that Xandria was a vile woman, Dina had abducted her and claimed that she had been assaulted at midnight by her cousin. To get back at Xandria, she had let her cousin take the blame.

That was Dina, who was willing to play a dirty trick in exchange for a role in a movie. How crazy and immoral could a woman get?

For several days, Dina's name remained on everyone's lips and every search engine. Everyone hated her. They sneered, "No wonder she's called the best actress around. Her acting skills are really good! How good she is at acting!"

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