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   Chapter 1242 Evidence

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At the thought of this, the fear and resentment in Nora's eyes suddenly faded. Instead, she became firm and resolute. "Darren, I can do anything for you, but if there is something that you want me to do with Carlos, I am sorry, but I can't do it! No matter whether you hit me, hurt me, or even kill me, I will never get Carlos involved in your plans!"

Nora had been living in poverty and making sacrifices ever since she was a child. Impacted by her poor upbringing, she had been living for wealth and scheming to get rich. Previously, she had made every effort to be with Darren. Without a doubt, this had been partly because she had loved him. However, her choice had mostly been based upon Darren's wealth and status. As a consequence, her life had turned to such a miserable fate.

But now, suddenly, she didn't want to live like that anymore. She wanted to live for herself in a way that she wanted. She didn't know what had caused her to begin thinking in such a way that she had always thought ridiculous or stupid before. Perhaps she had come up with the idea when she had met Carlos again in F Country, or perhaps she had become really tired of being manipulated and used like a pig or dog throughout her whole life.

All in all, she was happy at present, and in consideration of Carlos's identity and status, Darren would be absolutely unable to lay his hands on Carlos as long as she wouldn't implicate Carlos. She felt some solace that Carlos was out of Darren's reach.

She thought she had figured it all out, but when she heard Darren laughing instead of getting angry, she realized she was just like an ant under his boot.

"I would never have thought that my ex-wife could be such a loving woman." Darren laughed sarcastically. "But don't you know that in this world, people who love are the most likely to lose?"

"What do you mean?" A horrible sense of foreboding started in Nora's stomach, and her intuition made her fear that something must have happened to Carlos. "What did you do to Carlos?! Where is he?"

Carlos had been beaten unconscious by now. He was in the hands of Darren's men, and naturally at their mercy. If Darren really did something crazy as a way to punish her, C

Seeing that everyone present had fallen quiet at once, Zeph bowed and then said, "As you have seen, there is indeed something special between Xandria and me, but it is all my fault."

After that, the crowd let out a few collective sighs. The reporters kept snapping up photos, but they did not speak, waiting instead for him to carry on.

"I have been in love with Xandria since the first time I saw her. But before that, she had been in love with someone else. So she has never accepted my confessions of love. Even after she knew how I felt, she was unwilling to meet me, hoping that I would quit the whole idea." With a pained look on his face, Zeph said, "She is a quiet and kind-hearted girl, so she has always been in my heart. After I received and read the message from my cousin, I rushed over in a reckless haste because of my love for her. That explains why you all witnessed that scene."

After Zeph had finished speaking, he took his phone out. The crowd murmured with excitement again when the message from his cousin was displayed on the LED screen.

The message was from Dina, and it read, "Xandria is under my control. If you want to save her, come and meet me at Room 1518 of NF Hotel."

All of a sudden, the murmurs grew to a noisier gossip. It seemed that Zeph had already read their minds. A few moments later, Zeph continued, "Calm down, everyone. Here is a video to prove that this mobile phone number indeed belongs to my cousin, Dina Li."

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