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   Chapter 1241 The Devil's Abyss

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7571

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"Stop it! Please stop it now!"

Nora could do nothing to help except anxiously watch Carlos receive a terrible beating. Her face was streaked with tears, but no one cared about her begging at this moment.

As Carlos was about to give up struggling, it was clear that if they continued beating him up, something terrible would happen. Suddenly, a crowd of tough-looking men entered the bar and, within a few seconds, subdued Hale and his men.

When Carlos finally climbed to his feet, Nora could not wait to run to him. However, when she saw that Carlos was bleeding from a multitude of cuts on his face and was barely recognizable, she could not stop herself from bursting into tears.

At that moment, she finally found the courage to admit to herself that she had unintentionally fallen in love with Carlos.

Carlos seemed to hear Nora's voice over the noise of the crowd. Squinting his eyes in pain, he forced a crooked smile onto his swollen face and said, "Silly girl, don't cry. I'm fine."

His words made Nora wail even louder. In this twisted world, there was nobody but him who would always think of her first regardless of what had happened.

Seeing her tears, Carlos managed with great effort to raise his arm, and attempted to wipe the tears from her cheeks. However, given his broken condition, he failed in the end and had to hang his arm uselessly by his side.

"Hurry up! Take him to the hospital now!" Nora yelled loudly, holding his hand, which drooped limply and dripped blood to the stained floor. She would never want anything bad to happen to Carlos, for he was the only man who treated her with kindness.

Then, she recognized the group of men who had come to their aid at a single glance. They had been sent by Darren. After all, she had been around Darren for so long that she had become very familiar with his people.

By this time, Hale's men had been subdued. The leader of Darren's men stepped forward and said, "Ms. Mo, Mr. Xu wants to see you."

"No, I won't leave Carlos. Take him to the hospital now!" Nora didn't even look at the man, but she just stared at Carlos, and the only thought on her mind was that she couldn't let anything happen to him.

But she never expected that Darren's men would suddenly seize he

What Darren had said was true. A criminal faction like the Dragon Gang had influence all over the country. Since they dared to offend all authorities, it was a taboo for them to scatter their power. Presumably there was a strict control system inside the gang, and it was difficult for outsiders to gain entrance.

Nora couldn't even figure out such a simple thing. She was being too impulsive just now.

But if that was the case, how could Darren's people have gotten there to help her so quickly? For a moment, Nora felt the answer slip from her heart. Sure enough, she and Dina had always known that no matter what they did, or where they went, they could never escape the eyes of this devil, Darren, who had spies all around them!

Darren seemed to be satisfied with Nora's stunned reaction. A smile curved his lips like a scythe. Darren took a sip of wine, and then slowly continued, "Nora, after all, you and I were once a couple. As your ex-husband, I really want you to be happy. Besides, Carlos is definitely a good man, worth spending the rest of your life with. Don't you think so too?"

Yes, why not? Indeed, Carlos was a good man who she could perhaps trust for the rest of her life, but...

Nora felt tears glisten in her eyes, but she found an ironic smile form on her lips instead. As her mind began to wander, she realized that she didn't know whether she was good enough to deserve Carlos or not.

She was just a shredded and abandoned woman, and he deserved a much better lover.

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