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   Chapter 1240 The Conflict In The Bar

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Updated: 2020-02-09 00:02

In F Country

Nora was listening to the background sounds while looking at the man in front of her with blurry eyes inside the noisy bar.

Carlos sighed and looked at the woman in front of him with pity. "Nora, in fact, I don't have any ulterior motives. I just want to protect you. You were abused in the Mo Family in the past, and afterwards, you married Darren, but then he bullied you too. I just want to take you away from here, and I don't want you to ever be hurt again." As Carlos spoke, Nora sighed. The serious expression on his face immediately affected Nora's mood.

"As you know, I'm not here to reminisce about the good old days," Nora said coldly.

After listening to her, Carlos knitted his brows slightly, looking unhappy. His eyes narrowed, and then he said in a deep voice, "Nora, if there's anything I can do for you, just let me know."

"Don't you know the real reason why I've come here today?" Nora asked seriously with a faint smile playing in her eyes.

However, as she said that, her hands were unconsciously clenching into fists. Complex emotions poured forth like a dark stream, which could not stop her from wanting to become strong.

At this moment, some gangsters sitting at the table next to theirs had begun to take an interest in Nora. They had discovered that Nora was pretty, and their eyes soon lit up as they began coveting her.

"Hale, look at the girl over there. How pretty she is!" the young man with yellow hair said while looking over his shoulder at Nora. His lascivious gaze did not escape Carlos's attention.

Squinting his eyes, Carlos prompted Nora in a low voice immediately. "Nora, please finish eating. Hurry up, we should leave here."

Seeing Carlos's expression become guarded, Nora followed his gaze and found several men staring at her with leering smiles. She immediately felt flustered.

"What are you looking at?!" Carlos jumped to his feet and shouted at them furiously.

Seeing this, Nora became frightened. She had not expected that Carlos would scold the gangsters so bluntly.

"Hey! Do you want to die? How dare you vex Hale?" Seeing that Carlos didn't show any fear of them, those thugs felt that they were n

orting in panic, Carlos shouted at Nora, "Nora! Don't listen to him!

Damn it! How dare you? How can you take advantage of a weak woman like this?" Carlos couldn't help raging as he climbed to his feet. Then he walked up to Nora, staring at Hale with his eagle-like eyes.

However, Hale was indifferent to Carlos's anger. He even curled his lips into a smirk and almost burst out laughing.

The situation would have been better if Carlos hadn't threatened Hale like that. Undoubtedly, his words were the biggest provocation to this villain's authority in the gangland.

Upon hearing Carlos's threat, Hale frowned, and looked back at his men and winked at them, insinuating a dark idea. Hale's men immediately got his point and rushed forward together.

After Carlos was beaten by the hooligans, his face instantly turned black and blue in a few minutes. Added to this, Nora was just a weak woman. Without a doubt, it was impossible for her to face down several brawny men.

Seeing Carlos being assaulted and beaten with bare knuckles, Nora had no choice but to grit her teeth in fury. She immediately picked up a wine bottle from the table next to her and cracked it over the nearest young man's head.

At that moment, the whole situation escalated. The pub was thrown into chaos, so the nearby customers ran away, one after another. Some busybodies stood out of range of the fight and were taking out their mobile phones to start filming the scene.

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