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   Chapter 1239 Drove Away

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After watching Wilson walk away in anger, Rachel approached Zeph. Scolding him, she said, "Why can't you just do the right thing? I'm so disappointed! Like your father said, you should just focus on your future, which is more important than your fame.

Did you only start regretting it when the police arrested you with a subpoena? As long as you listen to her and apologize to her, she'll let you go for the sole reason that you're her brother!"

"Huh! Mom, you're being naive! That bitch has always been after us. Do you honestly believe that she's going to waste this opportunity to do just that? It's what she's always wanted! Are you seriously asking me to get on my knees and beg for her forgiveness? I don't understand how you could even think that she would change her statement. If she did that, then she's basically going to admit that she made it all up. I assure you that's never going to happen." Zeph was stubborn in that he didn't want to listen to his own mother.

This was so because he knew more than anyone that, despite being blood-related to Dina, they were definitely not on good terms. He had never been nice to her either, so he found it pretty ridiculous that his mother would expect Dina to forgive him by ruining her image in front of the public.

"This is not the time to be prioritizing your dignity. Maybe you should take a step back and assess your career before you spew out nonsense like that. Listen to me, my dear son. Apologize to Dina and ask her to drop the charges." More than anything, Rachel just wanted to protect her son, who was most valuable to her. She couldn't just let anything happen to her precious son.

However, Zeph just didn't seem to want to listen to her.

Struggling inwardly for a while, he finally said in an icy-cold tone, "I'll never apologize to her even if it means I have to die!" With that, he turned and made his way to leave.

Seeing that he was about to leave, Rachel hurriedly caught up with him. Zeph swiftly turned, malice evident in his eyes. Glaring back at his mother, he said harshly, "Mom!

stop worrying."

Upon hearing this, Emily's eyebrows knitted together. This didn't go unnoticed by Rita. Sighing helplessly, Emily threw her hands up in the air as if in resignation and said, "Anyway, the Gu Consortium is the fruit of Jacob's hard work. I can't let anything happen to it while I'm in charge."

Rita narrowed her eyes after hearing Emily's words. She paused for a while, then said, "This is all Jacob's fault! Why did he have to go on a business trip at this crucial time? We haven't even heard from him. We're already so worried here."

"Rita, do you think something's going on with him? He said he had a meeting to attend that he couldn't tell anyone about but I highly doubt that he wouldn't be allowed to use his phone or send an e-mail. We haven't heard anything from him. Do you think the reports are true then?" Emily was immediately put in a terrible mood. She had a gloomy look that Rita couldn't help but be worried about.

"Don't worry. Nothing bad could happen to Jacob! Don't listen to those people's nonsense. He will be fine." Despite saying all this, Rita herself wasn't sure if she should believe what she said either.

David used to go to these kinds of meetings all the time but he had never disappeared this long, which made Rita nervous.

She just made sure to hide it as she didn't want to worry Emily any more than she already was.

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