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   Chapter 1238 It Was A Trap

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As Zeph stared at Xandria's swollen face, he said decisively, "No, we can't just let her go like this. Who knows what else she'll do? She's crazy!"

While they were talking, they could see flashing lights from the cameras outside the door. Dina, who was just lying on the ground, had already rushed toward the door.

What they didn't know was that journalists and reporters were already waiting for them outside the door. Xandria immediately covered her face with her hands.

Zeph dropped the dagger on the ground and held Xandria's face tightly.

"Stop taking pictures. All of you get out of here right now! Get out!"

Zeph glared at the reporters, while Dina, who was in the corner, raised her eyebrows and put on a vicious smile.

Two reports came out that midnight: one was about the famous Dina being attacked and the other was about the Gu Consortium facing a great crisis.

These two reports were published at the same time, causing the internet to go wild.

The following morning when Emily got up, she immediately saw the news. She tightened her grip on her phone as she read through the news.

"The Gu Consortium is facing a great crisis. The president of the Gu Consortium is gallivanting in another country, dating a mysterious woman while his wife, Emily, is sick at home!" Emily didn't know what to make of this as she gazed at the big, bold letters. Her mind went blank for a while.

After a beat, she gathered herself. She was utterly shocked.

'Huh! It seems that you really want to force me into quitting my position, ' Emily thought to herself.

Even though she wasn't exactly sure who was behind all this, she knew very well that she had a number of enemies who would love to see her downfall.

At the thought of this, she got up at once. When Emily opened the door, she found Dina standing in the hallway directly in fro

ilson's indifferent attitude more than anything.

She slyly turned her head to look at Zeph, who was playing games on his phone at the side. Sternly, she rushed toward him and grabbed his phone.

She threw his phone on the floor and pointed a finger at him, cursing, "Damn it! All you do is play games all day long! Now, are you still in the mood to play games?"

"Mother! What do you expect me to do now? I did everything I could. Now everyone knows what I did and I can't do anything about that anymore. What else can I do? Believe it or not, I'm trying to deal with it but I just don't know how," he said plaintively.

Wilson stared at Zeph coldly. He seemed to be in deep thought. Suddenly, he stood up. "We can't do anything anymore since it's already happened. You should now go and find Dina. You shall apologize to her and ask her to forgive you."

"What? You want me to apologize to that bitch? Do you have any idea what our relationship has been like in the past few years?" Zeph glared at Wilson incredulously. He flat out refused Wilson's suggestion.

"Don't even bother! I will never apologize to that bitch!"

"Then, prepare to go to jail!" Wilson said furiously as he turned around and headed toward the stairs.

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