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   Chapter 1237 Kidnap

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"To tell you the truth, Dina is truly a vicious woman."

Ray was pleased to see that Michelle agreed with him.

"I can't believe that you didn't tell me this before! Now, whenever I think of Dina's pale, angry face, I'll smile!"

Ray hadn't expected that Michelle would respond like this. However, after giving it some thought, he realized this was actually to be expected as Michelle had never liked Dina. So, there was nothing wrong with Michelle making fun of Dina like this.

Ray was lost in his own thoughts when he heard Michelle saying, "Anyway, Yanis doesn't deserve this. I think we should try to help him in whatever way we can."

To Ray, Michelle wasn't really sincere—she just wanted to get on Dina's nerves.

No matter what, he would always follow what his wife wanted. He believed in the saying, "Happy wife, happy life!"

In the private room of Ricky Hotel.

Xandria was tied to a chair. She glared at the drunken Dina who had seemingly already lost her mind. Sneering, she said, "Dina, how dare you blame all of those things on others? I do not owe you anything. As for what happened to Perrin, I don't even think that has anything to do with you. You deserve to be the miserable person that you are today. You can't always blame your misfortune on others."

Dina laughed. "I deserve to be miserable? I didn't do anything wrong. I just wanted Perrin to love me. Why can't I have that? Tell me. Why? Everyone likes you, so you don't understand me. Wherever you go, I'm always there, and you always end up getting the attention. Why do you do that? Why? So I want to take away everything that belongs to you. It's going to be all mine! Mine!"

Xandria looked at Dina, who seemed to have gone mad, and then she said carefully, "Dina, you have to remember that whatever you have now and where you are now, it's all because of the choices you have made. You have to stop blaming everything on everyone else and start looking in the mirror. So I'm not even going to give you the luxury of ta

pay twice what you did to her."

Dina looked indifferent as a playful smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. "Zeph, what has Xandria done for you? I know you like her but you won't get much from her, unlike with Yvonne Liang! I don't care if you like someone else other than Yvonne. But why do you like her? Aren't you afraid that I'm going to tell everyone what happened between you and Xandria? I'll ruin both of you!"

Zeph was stunned. He sneered at Dina, his eyes gleaming. "Dina, do you really think you would have the chance to tell anyone in the first place? I'm already here now and I'm going to make sure I shut you up today."

With these words, Zeph took out a dagger from his waist and looked at Dina coldly.

Upon noticing the dagger and the look on Zeph's face, Dina smiled. "You really are willing to do anything for this woman. She really is a whore..."

Zeph ignored Dina's words as he gradually made his way toward her, a murderous look on his face. "You can't blame me for being ruthless with you today. It was you who took on people you knew you couldn't afford to provoke. You can do better in your next life."

"Zeph!" Dina said slowly, "I'm your older sister! You want to kill me? Are you really going to do this? Are you not aware of what's happening with our family now? Our family is depending on me !"

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