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   Chapter 1236 Suspiria

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"Leonard, are you sure that you want to keep digging?" One of the hooligans had grown flustered upon seeing Leonard's intent of digging. Beside Leonard was a small pit, around which mud was piling up.

Upon hearing the remark, Leonard pulled a long face. He raised his head and looked around. The eerie silence that enveloped them was terrifying.

"Here you are! Now, it's your turn!" Leonard glared at the two men. Without warning, he heaved the shovel toward one of the men.

It hit him on the arm before landing with a clunk inches away from his feet. He frowned but kept quiet.

The two men kept digging. After an hour of labor, they found nothing.

"Leonard, is it possible that we're digging in the wrong place? There seems to be nothing here." One man couldn't help but ask.

"Go on and dig in another place then. They said that the body is here. It must be around here somewhere. Quit being lazy. Dig as fast as you can. Make sure it's done before dawn so that no one will find us out." As Leonard ordered the men, he lit a cigarette.

After what seemed like a long while, one of the hooligans screamed. He hurled the shovel to the side and backed away, looking terrified.

Seeing this, Leonard was overjoyed. He immediately dropped his freshly-lit cigarette.

He hurried over to the pit, and as expected, there lay the rotting corpse.

It was hot, and the corpse, which had been underneath the wet earth for a whole day, stank to high heaven. Leonard covered his nose with one hand and ordered the men, "You two, hurry up. Put on your masks and gloves. Carry the body out of here. Quick!"

"Leo... Leonard, where are you going to k-keep this?" The hooligan stuttered as he spoke. Confusion and fear had prevented him from speaking coherently.

"You are just as stupid as a pig, aren't you? Of course, these remains shall be destroyed. I myself will deal with that later. Hurry up. Quit wasting everybody's time with your stupid questions. Dawn is almost upon us. Take it out and put it into the bag. Then, toss that bag into the trunk." Leonard appeared to be extremely calm, without a trace of fear or hesitation on his face.

ever, took to defending Dina, asking others to take it easy on the actress.

Within a few days, the issue surrounding Xandria grew more serious and controversial. Her film production was suspended while the authorities began a thorough investigation of her relationship with the director.

Ray furiously hurled the remote control onto the tea table. Yet, his eyes remained fixed on the news report on TV. In front of him, the events that unfolded made him angrier.

Michelle, who was trying to focus on her yoga, squinted at Ray. "This has nothing to do with you. Why are you so angry?"

"Although these recent events have nothing to do with me, I still can't stand Dina's dirty tricks."

"What does this have to do with Dina?"

Ray froze. He had let it slip that he knew more than he was letting on. He sucked air in through his teeth and said, "Honey, the other day, Yanis and I were holding an audition. I didn't expect Dina to audition. Ultimately, she didn't get the role. Later, Yanis also said something unpleasant..."

Ray's voice became quieter and quieter as he remembered how Michelle had warned him to cut all ties with Dina.

Although Ray believed that the issue had nothing to do with Dina, he felt guilty. Her involvement was implied in this controversy.

Michelle had stopped doing yoga, and the room was silent for a long time. Finally, she broke the silence and said, "This is getting really annoying."

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