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   Chapter 1235 Shoved The Earth

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"Having an affair?" Estelle's eyes widened in disbelief. With her eyes gleaming, she said coldly, "That's impossible. My father is sick at the hospital. We don't even know if he's going to live or not. How could she have an affair?"

She paused. Thinking back to the past two weeks and how much she'd initially trusted Sybil, she suddenly had doubts, especially after she had given the five million dollars she had gained by prostituting herself.

Her father was still critically ill in bed, while Sybil had owed five million dollars for her gambling. In consideration of this, Estelle thought that her so-called mother would do what she could to solve this.

"Estelle, you're being too prejudiced about this. Thousands of love affairs happen all the time regardless of race or age or whatever. No matter what's happening in your family, it's still very possible that she is having an affair with someone else. Plus, Sybil is old but she looks young and is still quite attractive. You can't say that no one is going to be attracted by her. Your father is sick in the hospital. In fact, this is the perfect time for her to have an affair."

Keith was right. As Estelle listened to her, she realized that everything she was saying made sense.

"But we can't just leave it at that. We need to find out if she is really having an affair or not. I really think she is though..." At first, Estelle had been hesitant to believe this but she found herself unable to defend her mother when she saw her grabbing that man's hand.

"Come with me." Holding Estelle's hand, Keith quickened her pace and walked along the path beside the row of trees.

"Leonard, did you do what you promised me?" Sybil asked in a soft voice, as if she was a spoiled young girl, as she reached out and held his arm.

Leonard frowned at her words and explained patiently, "Don't worry. I've already arranged everything. Tonight, we will go to the Pine Mountain. Just take it easy. I'll do anything I can to not disappoint you."

Leonard lifted his hand and rubbed her nose. His eyes were

ed. He raised his head and looked at the distance again. The mountain was shrouded in mist, which looked spooky under the dim moonlight.

"Leo...Leonard, are we really going to help them? It... It seems strange. Look at the words on the tablet. Life and Death Entrance... It sounds so creepy." One of the men looked extremely frightened, but when he saw Leonard's solemn face, he decided against what he was going to say.

"Well, Leonard. The ancestors of my family used to conduct religious rites, so I know a little about gods and ghosts. It's already getting late and the mountain can't even be seen through the mist, which is a bad omen. Besides, the marble tablet has something written on it. I have a bad feeling about this place. I really think we should leave," the other man echoed.

However, Leonard was the leader of the Dragon Gang. While he had his own beliefs, he refused to listen to what his men were telling him.

He glared at them and immediately shouted at them, "Shut up! Stop talking nonsense! Hurry up and get the spades. I'll start this."

Leonard even rolled his eyes at them impatiently. His men exchanged glances, knowing that they couldn't talk Leonard out of this anymore. They had no choice but to do as Leonard had ordered them.

"Now, watch me," Leonard shouted as he reached out for the spade. He dug the earth as hard as he could.

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