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   Chapter 1234 Love Affair

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"You are just the interim manager of the company." Mr. Wang's dissatisfaction was obvious, and he continued provoking Emily in a disrespectful tone of voice.

"Then, Mr. Wang, even if I am the interim manager of the company, I am still placed higher up and in a more influential position than you. So, please explain to me why I can't sit here. I dislike stirring up a fuss like this. So, Mr. Wang, if you've come here to make trouble today, then... I would remind you that the door is right behind you. If you are dissatisfied with my capabilities, you can leave without attending this meeting. Or... Since Jacob is away on a top secret project and can't be reached by phone, I suggest that you quit your job and wait for him to return. Then, you can report your complaints to him, and he will answer all your questions."

Mr. Wang was totally infuriated by Emily who had publicly humiliated him. Despite her words of assurance, he was still unconvinced that Emily was the right person to manage the company in Jacob's stead.

Glaring at her, the muscle in his jaw twitched as he struggled to contain his anger and not shout at her. Having seen that there were many people present in the conference room, he knew that should he lose his temper first, he would fall into her trap. Then, he would be blamed for being unreasonable. Should that happen, he would have no way to subdue her except by force of violence.

Mr. Wang realized that it was not a simple matter to remove this woman from her post so quickly. Emily was ever gifted with a sharp tongue, and she easily refuted his accusations. Mr. Wang was left with no other recourse except to leave with an angered and flaming face.

He rushed back to his office, seething with discontent. Seeing his embarrassed and pale face, Lena Li was immediately confused.

"Mr. Wang, what's the matter?" Lena Li rushed up to him and asked with a serious look on her face.

She was Mr. Wang's secretary and had been working for him for the past several years. Mr. Wang had grown to trust her a lot.

He sank down on the sofa. With anger radiating from his face, his complexion had become deadly pale.

"Emily, you've really pissed me off!" Mr. Wang, who was still annoyed, couldn't help but complain harshly.

As soon as he mentioned Emily, Lena Li suddenly knew the gist of what had happened. A single gaze at him allowed her to assess the situation, and she coldly quest

took a deep breath and said, "I remember that I have already told him quite clearly that I will never be with him for the rest of my life. I will not let him waste his time on me anymore. I pray to God that he will find a good girl, get married, and have a child of his own. I neither deserve his love, nor will I be with him."

"Oh, don't get angry! I just thought of him all of a sudden. In fact, I wanted to ask you a few days ago already, but I had no idea how to approach you with this question. Truly, I think that Kent Qin is a good man. If possible... I think you two could... "

"No way! As I have already said, it's impossible for us to ever be together for the rest of our lives." Estelle reacted intensely and showed her rejection with a cold and hostile face. Nobody knew about the determination that it took to stand by this stern refusal.

"Well, I… I don't know what to say." Keith Zhao shrugged with resignation. When she was about to continue talking about something, she suddenly nudged Estelle's arm with her hand and hushed her. She raised her eyebrows and stared off into the distance.

Seeing her distraction, Estelle was suddenly confused. Following her line of sight, she saw a familiar figure.

"Sybil He? Then, who is the man with her?" Curiosity drove Estelle to rush to the side to see who the man accompanying her mother was.

However, before she could take more than a few steps forward, Keith Zhao grabbed her wrist and warned, "Estelle, what do you think you are doing? If you go there in such a rush, they will be alerted... Look at them! My guess is that they are lovers."

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