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   Chapter 1232 Bad Things Happened

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Darren knew that people like Ethan cared more about money than anything else.

This time, Ethan had come here alone. Darren was sure that Ethan was up to something.

When the sun had set and the moon was up, something was happening in Pine Mountain.

As Ellen gazed at the man in front of her, her voice was stammering and her body was trembling. "Wh-what are you doing? Are you crazy? I'm going home!"

"Ellen, you can't go alone. Just leave this city with me. Your father is sick in hospital. Your mother isn't reliable, and she wouldn't care about us. Let's just leave this city and start our happy life together."

The man tightened his grip on Ellen's hand, not wanting her to leave.

Ellen stared back at him in disgust. Her eyes were sharp like knives and her mouth pursed as if she was unhappy. "Leave this city with you? Hanley, you're a slob. All you do is eat, drink, whore around, and gamble. I was only with you back then because I was young and I didn't know any better. But I do now. I know what kind of person you are and I don't want to be with someone like you. I just want my father to get better, so I can get some peace back in my life."

Upon hearing this, Hanley closed his eyes. Something flashed across his eyes before he did—but it was too quick. "You mean you don't want to leave this city with me? In that case, let's just die together."

He then took out a dagger from his pocket. Then, in a cold voice, he said, "We'll never have to be apart again if we die together and it'll all be for love."

Ellen was panicking as she made a run for it. She ran as fast as she could amongst the crowd of trees. It was raining that night, so it was difficult to see anything.


She accidentally stumbled on a branch. She fell to the ground, which gave Hanley the opportunity to catch up with her. With the dagger in hand, he said, "Why did you stop, huh? Keep running!" Hanley then looked ahead and started laughing. Ellen stared at him, with an incredulous look on her

le to keep it a secret. After all, her husband was still in the hospital. Ellen was always in school and Estelle always minded her own business, often going out early in the morning and returning home late in the evening. This set-up left much room for Sybil to have an affair. After all, she had been keeping it from her family for years and no one had found out yet.

So many things had happened to her family recently that Sybil hadn't been able to sleep or eat well.

"What? I know you have something to tell me and you need my help, right? If you didn't need anything from me, I don't think you would call me in the first place." Leonard's voice was cold but he sounded a little disappointed.

Upon hearing this, Sybil had no choice but to agree to meet him.

She hung up the call and then quickly dressed up to meet him.

Estelle, who was sitting on the sofa, couldn't help but ask where her mother was going upon seeing her being all dressed up. "Mother, where are you going so late?"

"A good friend of mine has come back from abroad and asked me if I could go out to meet up. I'll be back in a while. You should go to bed." Sybil was so used to lying that no one ever questioned or accused her of anything.

After that, she hurriedly left. Hailing a taxi, she made her way to the hotel she and Leonard had agreed upon.

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