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   Chapter 1231 Meet Him

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"Come on. We're good friends. You don't have to apologize for such an unimportant thing!" Bill exclaimed.

He wore a kind smile on his face. Then, as he chuckled, his round body jiggled like jelly. Ethan found this disgusting but didn't say anything.

"Since you say so, I won't worry about it anymore."

Ethan didn't exchange pleasantries with Bill for very long. He had gotten used to dealing with the man this way.

"By the way, I heard that the Gu Consortium's plan has been advanced."

There was a hint of malice in Bill's voice. It no longer sounded as light and happy as it had been a minute ago.

Ethan nodded and explained, "Yes. To everyone's surprise, it was announced today that the plan should be completed two weeks ahead of the original schedule. That means that the launch will be held before our court session."

Bill nodded with satisfaction. Suddenly, he asked, his voice even becoming more serious now, "Are you sure that this won't cause us any problems? Why do I feel that something is wrong?"

Ethan laughed as he assured him, "Bill, I've been working with you for many years. How can you not trust me on this? Don't worry about it. The Gu Consortium is on the verge of collapsing. They have been worrying about this for a while."

"I trust you, but Jacob is a crafty man. I'm afraid that we may suffer losses if he outthinks us. I only seek your confirmation. Don't overthink."

Bill comforted Ethan, patting him on the shoulder. The latter looked coldly at the plump hand that held him. His eyes narrowed with disgust.

"I understand."

Ethan casually brushed Bill's hand off his shoulder, a move which Bill failed to notice. Instead, he continued, "You did well in Jingshi City, but what bothers me now is the business in F Country. Darren is surrounded by an army of security personnel every day. So far, we've made no progress on this matter. What on earth shall we do now?"

As was necessary for someone in his position, Bill did not completely trust Ethan, but he did trust him a lot. On one hand, he knew that Ethan was an ambitious man, who was as dangerous as a cheetah. On the other hand, he was confident that he cou

attitude shook the woman to her core. Her voice trembled slightly now. "I... I'll get out of your way."

Darren let go of her hair and said, his voice devoid of emotion, "Do it quickly."

The woman hurried out of bed, wriggled herself into her clothes, and scurried out through the door. A few seconds later, a man in a suit walked in.

"Darren, we've just gotten word that Ethan, Bill's capable right-hand man, is here. Should we dispatch someone to get rid of him?"

Darren thought for a long while. Finally, he shook his head. "No. Dispatch someone to figure out what on earth he's doing here. There's no need to alert the enemy."

He had seen Ethan several times. In the past, when he had worked with Bill, he had, in fact, investigated Ethan himself.

Darren actually appreciated him. He got to thinking that if he could get a person as capable as Ethan to come work for him, it would benefit him a lot.

"Well, you can try to contact the man first. I want to meet him, to see if he has any intentions of meeting me, too."

The man in the suit was already heading for the door when Darren stopped him and told him this.

The man hesitated for a moment before saying, "Darren, I think that Ethan is too cunning. If you expose yourself and meet him now..."

"If you know that he's cunning, how could I not know that?" Darren snapped. He then narrowed his eyes and continued, "I appreciate him precisely for his cunningness."

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