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   Chapter 1229 Ahead Of Schedule

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At the sudden realization, Xandria unclenched her fists.

She said coldly, "No matter what happens, this is none of your business. Miss Li, I suggest that you keep your nose out of things that don't concern you. You can rest assured that if you stay where you are right now, no one can pose any threat to you. You'll realize that losing this role was worth it."

Before Dina could even say anything, Xandria had turned around and left.

This was the way that things were supposed to go. Xandria knew that she wouldn't regret this.

Dina, enraged, stamped her foot. Her eyes watered and turned red as she thought, 'The arrogance of this woman! I will not let this go.' She then marched back to the van.

Upon reaching the vehicle, Dina put her hands on the objects she could reach and flung them in every direction.

"Honey, what are you doing? Calm down. Anger is going to ruin your pretty face." Dina's agent spoke hesitantly.

Meanwhile, the actress's blood boiled with anger.

"If I stay where I am, no one can pose any threat to me? Did she mean that I should be grateful? That I won't be able to stay in my current position for very long?" Dina's face twisted with anger. "I don't care about losing the role, but why did I have to lose to her?"

"It's just a role, Dina. A few new scripts came in just now. Let's go over these scripts, and then you can pick the one that you like the best, okay?" The agent continued to speak gently in an attempt to get Dina to calm down. "There must be something going on between that bitch and Yanis. This role is not that easy to get."

The agent knew Dina like the back of her hand. If she didn't, she wouldn't have been able to work with the actress for as long as she had. The best thing to do in this situation was to tell Dina whatever she wanted to hear.

"All right. They might have had sex," Dina muttered. A menacing smile formed on her face.

"Help me with something," she told the agent.

"What is it?" The agent regarded Dina with curiosity.

Unsurprisingly, in the entertainment industry, some people would play dirty to acquire fame and fortune.

"Help me get some photos released. I'm hoping for tomorrow's headline to be 'Ya

a long silence, the man on the other end of the line said, "Don't worry. When this is over, I will release Jacob's child, and you can forget your involvement in this matter."

The line went dead, and Estelle became lost in her own thoughts for a long time.

She had only wanted to know that Beryl was all right. She wanted this nightmare to end as soon as possible.

Estelle had not been back in her office for two minutes when she was called to the meeting room. When she walked in, she learned that it was not Emily who was about to hold the meeting.

Sitting in the middle of the room was Louis, surrounded by the other employees. Scanning the documents in his hands, he announced, "The new products for this season are going to be released two weeks ahead of the original schedule. I hope everyone here can turn in their designs by the end of the week."

Everyone in the meeting room aside from Louis and Estelle began to talk about this change in schedule. They wondered why the new products were going to be released so early.

"Mr. Ke, forgive me. I know you are a close partner of the company, but please understand that this kind of work cannot be finished in a week."

With his brows furrowed, Louis raised his voice. "This is final. Mr. Gu is abroad for a project, and Director Emily is unable to deal with the company's affairs for personal reasons. This decision was made after a long discussion with Director Emily, and there's no changing it."

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