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   Chapter 1228 Audition

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Ethan turned around and tilted his head back. "As long as you listen to me, I will let you see your mother."

Beryl gripped the cold metal bars of the cage with her small hands and said, "Uncle, I will do as you say."

Without looking back, Ethan disappeared into the darkness while Beryl curled up inside the cage, shivering in fear.

Recently, Michelle had asked Ray to make more money.

After thinking about it for a while, Ray had decided that it would do him good to save up some money for his son's future. The first job he landed after he came back was not a singing one, but an acting one.

Ray accepted the offer without hesitation as he happened to have a nice script in hand.

Since the leading actress wasn't set yet, the selection would have to be done by audition.

As the leading actor, Ray was going to take part in the leading actress's audition.

It had been a long day, but they were still unable to find the right person for the role. Ray was having a chat with Yanis Ruan, the director of the show, when suddenly, a commotion at the door drew everyone's attention.

Right then, in walked a woman, strutting in an arrogant manner.

A man, dressed like an agent, briefly glanced at the room disdainfully and said to the assistant director, "Dina is in a hurry. Could you please let us start first?" It sounded more like a demand rather than a request.

The assistant director looked at Yanis Ruan in embarrassment, and the latter nodded to him gently.

While Ray was playing with the pen in his hand, he wondered, 'What is she doing here? Why does she even want to audition for this part?'

Then it occurred to him that several months ago, Michelle had warned him not to work with Dina. 'If Dina is selected, I may have to pay a large sum of money to terminate the contract with Yanis, ' Ray pondered.

Dina looked at everyone conceitedly and then walked to the center of the stage. She was not in a good condition, probably because of what had happened recently.

Dina may have earned a living selling her attractive body, but could she become an actress if she didn't really ha

looking for!" Yanis Ruan gestured with his hands to stop everything and stared at the girl with great satisfaction.

Art had a lot to do with feelings at times.

A few who were still waiting to audition grumbled as they were taken out by the staff.

Meanwhile, Dina was so envious that she glared at Xandria Wang contemptuously.

The moment she came down from the stage, Dina walked up to her and grabbed her by the arm.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Yanis Ruan rushed over, ready to pull Dina away.

It was clear that he wasn't fond of Dina's arrogance.

"What's wrong? Do we need your approval to have a chat?" Dina looked at Yanis Ruan sarcastically.

Without waiting for his response, Dina pulled Xandria Wang outside, while her agent followed, afraid that Dina would do something to hurt the girl.

"Wait for me in the car. I'll be back soon."

Dina told her agent not to follow her.

Once they were alone, Dina let go of her hand and said, "Xandria Wang, you are really good at acting. I know you are a good girl who likes to flirt with people, but who did you sleep with this time? Was it Yanis?" Dina's hatred towards Xandria Wang wasn't unheard of. If it hadn't been for her, Dina wouldn't be in this position today.

Memories of the past came rushing into Dina's mind.

Although she felt sorry for the woman in front of her, she had her reasons for doing what she had done to her.

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