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   Chapter 1227 Feed Her to the Dogs

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7299

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"I didn't think you had a habit of eavesdropping." When Janet heard that, she turned around immediately and saw the face of the man who had saved her and then disappeared earlier this morning.

A hint of embarrassment flashed across Janet's face.

"Well, I didn't think I would meet Mr. Ke in a place like this, but here we are!"

Louis didn't say anything more. He calmly looked away from the woman standing in front of him and looked at the door of the compartment behind Janet.

Just as Janet was about to turn and continue to spy on what was happening in the compartment, Louis turned around and walked away.

After pausing to think for a while, Janet decided to follow him instead.

Suddenly, the door of the compartment was pushed open from the inside and a woman cast a cold gaze at the two people who were walking away.

Two days ago, after Janet came back from abroad, she had been tricked into going to a holiday resort, not knowing that it was all a ruse set up by someone who wanted to kidnap her. Luckily, Louis, her knight in shining armor, had been just passing by at that time, or else the consequences would have been unthinkable.

Janet's family had arranged for her to get married to Louis after her return from abroad. However, since she didn't want to marry Louis as her parents had hoped, she assumed that the dubious kidnapping might have something to do with Louis.

She needed to get to the bottom of it, and a part of her hoped that Louis had something to do with it because that would save her a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Meanwhile, at an abandoned factory in the suburbs...

A lovely little girl was locked inside a cage that was placed in the center of the room.

Ethan was sitting on a black wooden chair, sipping tea from a fine china cup in his hand. He cast a glance at the woman in front of him and smiled coldly.

"So, you have kidnapped Emily's child. What will you do next?" he asked.

Gemma trembled at the presence of the man. Indeed, she was terrified by what had happened. Although she could kill the little girl, she could not go back to Gu Consortium anymore.

Gemma realized that she was no longer of any value to

mile on Ethan's lips grew colder. He stood up and walked to the cage to look at Beryl.

The little girl did not look like the daughter of someone important. The pink dress she wore was tattered and grimy, and dirt was literally smeared across her cheek and forehead. She didn't look as loveable as he had imagined.

Beryl shrunk back in fear when she saw Ethan because she was afraid that he would try to feed her to dogs.

The poor child pleaded, "Uncle, please let me go. Don't feed me to the dogs!"

Tears fell from her eyes on cue as she spoke.

Tilting his head, he looked at her complacently and burst into laughter. "Don't worry. I only feed disobedient children to my dogs. I hope you will not disappoint me. I don't want to hurt you. After all, you are the daughter of Jacob."

Beryl felt an immense amount of regret in her heart. If she had not followed that woman into the fire escape access, she wouldn't have been here facing such a ruthless man. If she had had any idea that this was going to happen, she would have listened to her mother and waited for her in her office.

Unfortunately, it was too late to change that now.

"Uncle, when can I go home? Uncle, would you please let me go? My mother must be very worried about me. She is not in good health. Uncle, please let me go."

Ethan clicked his tongue, curiously eyeing the girl in front of him and said, "Indeed, you're a smart little girl, aren't you? What a pity!"

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