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   Chapter 1225 Sexual Harassment

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Estelle observed the calm man not far away, and a look of desolation shone in her large eyes.

"Sweetie, let's drink together!" Mr. Sun wrapped his fat and sweaty arm around Estelle's waist, resting his large greasy hand on her delicate hip as he pushed a glass of wine to her lips.

Estelle naturally felt like choking with aversion.

"Mr. Sun, I..." Estelle wanted to push the invasive man away from her.

The man who had been sitting to the side for a long time suddenly livened up and said with a trace of ridicule in his voice, "Miss, would you like to have a drink with Mr. Sun? He is, after all, the executive president of LJ Group!"

Estelle could obviously sense the insinuations in his voice, and a sense of humiliation was aroused spontaneously.

She knew that Ethan had deliberately brought her here to humiliate her, but she did not know why he had chosen to do it.

But anyway, there was no backing out of this deal now.

Thinking of her father who was still weak and ill, lying in a hospital bed, and her domineering money-loving mother, and Ethan's warnings, finally, Estelle chose to compromise.

Without further hesitation and refusal, she accepted the wine from Mr. Sun's hand and drank it up, spilling some over her fair chin.

A nasty smile grew at the corners of Mr. Sun's mouth when he saw that Estelle had so obediently finished her glass of wine.

"Great! This young lady is not only beautiful, but she's also good at drinking. I really admire her! Come on. Give me another glass of wine! It's time to celebrate."

A man standing next to Mr. Sun quickly poured another large glass of wine for him. Offering this glass to Estelle too, Mr. Sun continued groping her body at will.

Estelle was dizzy and feeling a little weak because of the alcohol.

Mr. Sun kept slobbering kisses all over Estelle's neck with his fat lips, which made her queasy.

As she thought that she was going to perish here tonight, she suddenly realized that the weight pressing down on her body was gone.

Then she vaguely realized that she was being pulled up by someone.

Estelle was subsequently dragged behind by a man. She stumbled along, completely disorientated, and she even tripped an

at her half-naked body as Ethan pressed her up against the wall even more, and her heart began pounding in her throat.

At that exact moment, there was the sound of a key turning in the door's lock. Ethan quickly picked Estelle up and carried her to the nearby cubicle.

As he locked the door of the cubicle, the door of the bathroom was flung open.

Estelle had almost forgotten to breathe and felt dizzy. She pricked her ears to carefully listen to the sound outside the cubicle door.

Then, the man behind her pushed his sexual organ into her again and again with violent thrusts. Estelle sobbed, but she covered her mouth tightly.

Moments later, the man who had kicked the door open just now stopped outside their cubicle.

Seeing that the door of the cubicle was locked, he scolded, "Who locked this door just now? Show yourself! I'll kill you!"

Suddenly, a hoarse voice spoke from behind her. "If you don't want to die right here, then get out now!"

The man outside was about to refute this, but the bar's waiter had recognized the voice.

He quickly restrained the man's arm and stopped him from kicking open the cubicle door. "Oh, it's Mr. Gu. We'll leave right now. We'll go away right now. I'm so sorry, Mr. Gu."

Then, he pulled the man from the toilet.

Estelle said to the man behind her coldly, "Let go of me now. I'm leaving."

Ethan whispered hoarsely in Estelle's ear with an emotionless tone, "Don't you still want the five million?"

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