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   Chapter 1221 Search For Beryl

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Emily was about to answer, but suddenly, she bolted upright in wide-eyed confusion and said, "Where is Beryl?"

The assistant, somewhat startled, looked at Emily blankly and shrugged her shoulders.

"Director Emily, I don't know! Was she here? I went to each of the departments this afternoon to get the forms for the meeting. I didn't even know she was here."

When Emily stood up abruptly, blood rushed around her brain and made her eyes go dim for a moment. Dizzied, she clutched her head and fell back onto the sofa again.

The assistant quickly rushed to hold Emily, afraid that something had happened.

"I am fine. Please, give me a moment. Could you go to the lounge and check if Beryl is there?"

The assistant nodded and then trotted into the lounge.

Emily was starting to feel a little worried, but Beryl was a very obedient girl for her age. The thought of something bad happening to such a sweet little girl...

Emily didn't dare to continue that thought, but a burst of anxiety had already surged up in her heart.

The assistant had been gone for a short while, but unfortunately, to Emily, it felt like she had been gone for hours.

When the assistant came back, Emily looked behind the assistant and her lips formed a frown almost instantly.

"Director Emily, I've just checked the lounge. As far as I know, someone was resting on the bed earlier, but Beryl isn't there."

Emily's heart skipped a beat. If Beryl wasn't in the lounge, where could she be?

"Please, go and check the surveillance videos to see where Beryl has been," Emily insisted with immediate urgency.

"Director Emily, please don't worry. As long as Beryl is in the building, she will be fine. You can rest assured!"

Emily took a deep breath and looked at the assistant in front of her, rubbing her forehead. 'Perhaps Beryl is just playing somewhere in the building. She should be fine, ' she told herself.

"Check the surveillance videos first and bring Beryl back. Then you can get off work!"

The assistant came out of the office and went straight to the security control room.

While she was going throug

began clashing in her mind.

"Director Emily, are you okay?"

"I'm okay. You can go back to work now."

Emily waved her hand and asked her assistant to leave.

She needed some time alone to process her thoughts.

The loyal assistant, however, didn't leave and stayed back with Emily until 9 pm in the evening.

Emily fell to her knees and clutched her face, utterly despondent and comfortless.

"Beryl, honey, where are you?"

Emily sobbed to draw breath. She blamed herself for whatever had happened. If she had just asked someone to look after Beryl, her daughter would have been safe and sound right now.

Emily's assistant came to her and said, "Director Emily, why was Beryl even following that woman in the first place?"

Suddenly, Emily recalled her assistant saying that someone had been sleeping in the lounge earlier on.

Beryl must have been in the lounge when the woman came into Emily's office. What could the woman have been doing in her office for ten minutes?

Besides, Beryl wasn't the kind of girl who would do something without a good reason. But then, what could have been the reason behind Beryl following that woman?

That woman was not seen going anywhere else apart from the fire access after she left Emily's office.

What had she been doing in Emily's office without Emily's permission? There were a lot of questions in Emily's mind, but there weren't a lot of answers.

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