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   Chapter 1218 Treat A Boy

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Taylor shot Louis a piercing stare, but the latter was unaffected.

"I came to you today to ask for your help. Will you come with me?" said the man.

Taylor stepped back in surprise. Then the banquet from the previous month crossed her mind. She said with a smirk, "What? Mr. Ke, didn't you have enough fun? Besides, I don't owe you anything, so I don't have to help you with anything. And even if I did, I can't."

Ignoring her catty retort, Louis took out a folded sheet of paper from his pocket and wordlessly handed it to her.

"This..." she mumbled.

She had unfolded the paper and was now reading its contents, trying to absorb what it contained. Astonished, she stared at Louis.

The document bore the hospital's seal. Apparently, the hospital had agreed for Louis to avail of Taylor's services as a personal psychologist for the year. This fact wasn't as surprising as the fact that Louis had personally come to her.

Did the man have mental issues?

Taylor couldn't take her eyes off of him and the documents.

She felt like she was about to have a headache.

"This..." she began.

"Don't say anything. Come with me. I need to show you something."

Without waiting for a response, the man headed straight out.

Taylor had no other choice but to follow.

Neither of them talked as Louis drove. Inside the car, it was almost the scary kind of quiet.

After what seemed to be an eternity, they reached a remote villa.

Louis parked the car and opened the door on his side, but before stepping out, he turned to Taylor. "I asked you to come here today to treat someone. He has a strong inclination to hurt himself and is not willing to talk to anyone."

Hearing what the man had just said, Taylor was confused. She said nothing.

Without delay, Louis led Taylor to a room on the second floor. For a moment, they stopped at the door. It was here that Louis briefly explained the situation.

Once Taylor knew everything she needed to know for the moment, Louis slowly opened the door to let her in. The room was completely dark, the curtains drawn and stretched so that not a single ray of light made its way into the room. With the light from outside the door, Taylor could barely make out a vague figure by the wall.

It was not until Louis turned on th

ith tired eyes, she looked at him and managed a faint smile.

Louis nodded. "Scott's family was murdered three years ago. He then stayed with his parents' corpses for ten whole days," he suddenly revealed.

Taylor was beyond shocked. The corpses would have turned unbelievably putrid within that period.

"I've been seeking treatment for him from abroad these past years, but knowing how well you treated Emily, I want you to give this a try."

The mention of Emily's name awakened an odd feeling from within Taylor. She knew that it was impossible to cure Emily. In fact, she believed she was hurting Emily even more.

This time, however, she was determined to cure the boy in the villa. She wanted to make up for what had happened to Emily.

"Yes, he'll be better in no time," Taylor answered firmly.

Just then, someone knocked on the door.

"Sir, it's time for dinner."

Louis appeared to be relieved. Whether it was because of the interruption or because of Taylor's determination was unclear.


"Miss Tang, please stay and have dinner with me."

Not giving Taylor the chance to refuse, he immediately turned away from her and walked out of the room.

When Taylor got downstairs, a grand dinner was already laid out on the table.

She looked at the magnificent feast that was waiting for them. The dinner table held dishes that she had never even seen before.

"Have a seat."

The man sitting at the head of the table nodded to her, signaling for her to take her place next to him.

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