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   Chapter 1217 Taylor and Louis Meet Again

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Taylor had originally intended to prescribe many more medicines for Emily today. However, when she keenly observed Emily's improved mental state later on, she came to the conclusion that there was no necessity for Emily to receive treatment anymore. She had achieved full recovery.

It seemed that the crisis that occurred in the Gu Consortium had distracted Emily's attention from her personal struggles and unexpectedly made her acquire a more positive outlook on life.

But when Taylor thought of Emily's emaciated appearance, she still felt worried about Emily.

When this all finally came to an end, Taylor was planning to take Amy to a place where they would not be recognized by anyone and live there forever.

This idea had first occurred to Taylor.

Meanwhile, back in F Country, Darren squinted coldly at the woman curled up on the floor. The cigar in his hand flickered and gave off smoke continuously.

Nora shivered terribly and hugged herself tightly, as her eyes depicted nothing but fear.

"Please stop physically assaulting me. I promise I'll listen to you from now onward. I'll do whatever you ask me to do. I won't disobey you. You have my word. Please be non-violent from now on."

As soon as he heard Nora speak, Darren retorted with a sly smile, "Will you do anything and everything I ask you to do? I'd like to ask you to be with Carlos. Let him help me manage the domestic affairs and return home from abroad. Can you obey this order? Do you have any objections?"

When Nora heard Darren's order, her trembling body froze all of a sudden, and a look of giant astonishment flashed through her eyes. She said, "I... He... He is going to get married soon. He loves his fiancee very much. I have no idea about how I'm to break their relationship and win Carlos's love. That seems like an impossible task."

"You have no idea?" Darren chewed Nora's words carefully, then he sneered and came to her side to stand beside her. He pressed the flickering cigar in his hand on her belly hard as the quiet flames began to tear through her delicate skin.

Suddenly, Nora shrieked in the air. The pain was unbearable for her.

After a while, Darren threw away the cigar in disgust. His laughter was loud, much like the one of a devil's.

"Nora, when did you begin to care about a man so much? I underestimated you earlier. Last week, Carlos came to the villa to meet you discreetly while it was late at night. Did you really think I wouldn't get to know that? Now, you know that you have two

er very often before, they had frequently met at Emily's home.

But in the past month, Taylor had never seen a trace of Louis anywhere around her.

It seemed that Louis was avoiding every chance to meet Taylor. Taylor didn't care much about it but insisted on seeing Emily for treatment every week.

She had arrived at the conclusion that she and Louis would never meet each other again. However, one day, Louis abruptly appeared at the doorway of her consulting room.

Taylor was stunned by Louis's unexpected visit and frowned at the lighted cigarette giving out smoke in Louis's hand. There was so much smoke that it was a herculean task for her to see the man's face clearly.

Taylor had intended to walk past Louis by pretending that she didn't even see him. Unexpectedly, the man grasped her wrist directly with his strong hand. "Hi, Doctor Tang. Nice to meet you again. Are you in a hurry? I've been waiting for you here for more than an hour now. Can we talk?"

Stunned by the man's quick action and words, Taylor furrowed her eyebrows and shook off the man's hand. She then said, "Mr. Ke, please behave yourself. I distinctly remember having drawn a demarcation line with you that day. Right? I don't want to mention it a second time. Besides, I don't think it is necessary for us to meet each other in the future."

"I don't remember what you said to me that day. It happened too long ago for me to remember."

Hearing the man's words, Taylor was pissed off. Obviously, this man was acting shamelessly. Moreover, he seemed to be determined to achieve something specific from today's visit. Her only concern was that she had no clue as to what his aim was.

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