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   Chapter 1215 An Altercation

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Taylor had spoken gently with a light smile on her face.

Hearing what she said, Claudia was stunned for a second. Her hand, which was still holding the wine glass, hovered mid-air as she tried to process the implications of their exchange.

"Miss Lu, is there anything else that you wanted? If there is nothing else, I am leaving now."

Taylor gently pushed her hand away, but suddenly, the glass tipped and spilled the crimson-colored wine all over Claudia's dress in the most unlikely way.

Feeling a little uneasy, she looked at Taylor, who was stumped at what had happened right in front of her.

Taylor was utterly shocked, and she had a feeling that she had been set up. After all, she hadn't used her strength at all when she pushed Claudia's hand away, and yet the wine had still spilled on her.

The atmosphere around them became so frigid that one could cut it with a knife.

"Taylor, during those years when you disappeared, I always knew you hated me. But despite that, I still love Saxon. We will be married next month, you..."

Unexpectedly, she paused.

Taylor frowned and coldly stared at the woman confronting her. The venue had become alive with subdued whispers and gossip ran amok.

However, soon these discussions grew louder as people speculated.

"So this is the infamous daughter of the Tang Family. It's said that she was abducted when she was a child, and she returned again when she was ten years old. She still doesn't know how to behave herself even though she has spent more than ten years in the Tang Family."

"Well, although Saxon is a handsome and well-mannered man, he was forced to break off his engagement years ago when the news broke that he had engaged in an illicit affair with Miss Tang. Now she has deliberately embarrassed someone at this banquet. Her behavior is really reckless."

Facing the resounding echoes of the unscrupulous whispers emanating from all around her, Taylor sneered. She calmly collected a glass of wine from the tray held by the waiter. Taylor then walked boldly up to Claudia.

Everyone focused their attention on Taylor, while Claudia took a few steps back with a smile playing at the corner of her lips.

"What…what do you want?" asked Claudia, her voice trembling at the look in Taylor's eyes.

"What do I want? Shouldn't you be asking yourself that?" Despite the high society audience, Taylor's cool tone was drippin

e car up next to her and flashed her an evil grin.

"Miss Tang, are you angry?"

Taylor did not respond to the man, nor did she even dignify his presence with a look. Instead, she carried on walking barefoot on the curb.

Louis drove next to her in first gear, quietly following behind her.

Feeling a little annoyed, Taylor turned to him then and gave him a cold look as one of her eyebrows shot up in mockery.

"Mr. Ke, is it really that much fun to make a fool of me?"

Raising his eyebrows in response, Louis said, "Miss Tang, I don't know what you are talking about."

"You don't know? Although I'm only a lowly psychiatrist, and I don't run in this clique, I know that you didn't have to attend tonight's banquet. But you insisted on having me accompany you here tonight. Therefore, your sole purpose this evening was to bring me face to face with some people from my past. Don't play innocent with me."

After hearing Taylor's rebuke, Louis shrugged his shoulders indifferently and said, "So what? Miss Tang, I simply helped you tonight to be rid of this man who had been pestering you recently. Shouldn't you be thanking me?"

Taylor felt like punching Louis in his smug face. Even though she was normally an even-tempered and well-mannered woman, she was deeply angered at having been played tonight.

She suddenly flung the high heels in her hand in an arc as she slammed them down on the car's windshield, venting her rage.

"Louis, don't cross my bottom line! Just who do you think you are? What gives you the right to make decisions for others? Get out of here! Leave! Now!"

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