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   Chapter 1214 Why Not Drink

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Seeing the shock and awe on Louis's face, Taylor felt awkward and didn't know where she should put her hands and feet.

"What...what's wrong?"

Taylor asked cautiously.

Louis shook his head, swallowed through his dry throat, and replied, "No-nothing. Let's go."

After making sure that everything was all right, Taylor heaved a sigh of relief, and then she linked her arm with his and left for the party.

When they reached the banquet hall, Taylor was surprised that this banquet was such an extravagant affair. She hadn't been to such a place in many years.

She felt more than a little out of place as she saw the city's high society gathered under the stunning array of lights in the festive hall.

Louis's presence at the party also caused quite a stir. Many people flocked around them to greet him.

Taylor pouted at the gathering throng of people, but she stood demurely beside Louis.

Suddenly, the sound of glass breaking came from behind the crowd.

This attracted everyone's attention, and they all spun to see what had happened. Taylor also curiously looked in the direction of the noise.

Then she saw that it was Saxon, whom she hadn't seen for a long time, and who had dropped his glass as he sadly looked at her. The lady standing next to him was Claudia.

Taylor was stunned as she had not expected to meet them here either.

She bit her lip nervously as she tried to regain her composure.

Saxon was clearly inebriated, judging from the way he stumbled over to her. Reaching out, he grabbed Taylor's wrist and began to drag her away, demanding, "Why are you here?"

Taylor frowned and tried to shake off his hand, but failed. She coldly replied, "Mr. Li, please behave yourself!"

Not wanting to let go, Saxon slurred, "Come with me."

Taylor did not move.

Louis, who had been quietly standing next to her, saw everything. His face darkened then as he warned, "Mr. Li, Miss Tang is my female companion for the evening. I don't think it's appropriate for you to drag her away in this manner!"

Once Louis spoke, he sipped at the red wine in his glass with an indifferent look.

"This is not your concern, Mr. Ke," Saxon rebuffed him.

After saying that, he proceeded to drag Taylor to the backyard garden, not caring whether Taylor wanted to join him or not. When they p

become the focus of tonight's banquet, since they represented a wonderful topic for gossip and discussion to all those attending the party.

Those who had been invited to the party knew that it was a business event, but most of them were quite thrilled at the drama that was providing some entertainment tonight to an otherwise dreary party.

It seemed to be a love triangle between Saxon, Taylor, and Claudia. Actually, it probably wouldn't have drawn as much of the attendants' attention if there were merely the three of them. However, Taylor had arrived with Louis Ke, which made for a much more juicy spin of this little show.

With a sweet smile fixed on her face, Claudia said, "It doesn't matter whether I've misunderstood you or not, I will never let go of Saxon. He's mine!"

She stressed out the syllables of the last few words.

Taylor squinted darkly at Claudia.

At this moment, Claudia took another glass of wine from a passing waiter and held it out to Taylor.

Taylor stared at the red liquid swirling inside the offered glass for a long time, but she made no move to accept it.

A few seconds later, Claudia said in an aggrieved tone, "Don't tell me that you are going to embarrass me now. We grew up together, right? Why not drink together?"

Hearing this, Taylor looked up at Claudia's spurned face and smiled. "Of course, I don't want to embarrass you, but I'm not good at drinking. Let's just forget it."

After saying this she felt the air grow still around her as everyone fell quiet and looked at the two.

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