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   Chapter 1212 The Plan

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Ellen was struck by a heavy blow, and her ears were soon buzzing. Estelle's face filled with coldness.

"Estelle, I... I was wrong. I will never do that again," Ellen stammered apologetically. It had taken her quite a while before she finally realized what was going on.

Seeing the angry welts swelling instantly on Ellen's fair face, Estelle felt a bitter taste of remorse. Annoyed with herself, she stretched out her trembling hand to caress Ellen's face.

"Don't be angry with me, Ellen. Dad is in hospital, and his treatment costs a large sum of money every day. All of our hope rests on that man now. Just go with the plan, okay? When this matter is over, and Dad gets better, you can work at any company you want. I will never again interfere with your decisions."

Ellen's face was streaked with tears, but she nodded and said in a sobbing tone, "I will listen to you in the future, Estelle. I won't make the same mistake again."

Looking at her sister, Estelle then drew Ellen into her arms, trying to soothe her heartache. She patted her back gently.

"Well, let's go home now, okay?"

In a dark corner, a man hiding beneath a peaked cap had furtively observed the scene that happened outside the door. He sneered slightly.

Two bodies were lying sprawled on the carpeted floor of a European-style villa in the outskirts of Jingshi City. The strong smell of blood and violence reeked throughout the whole villa.

In the living room, a small group of people cowered, trembling with fear. Bill cleaned the knife in his hand on the bloody shirt of one of the bodies, and he coldly looked up at the people in front of him from time to time.

"What did your informants in F Country report?"

"Sir, Darren has found out almost all of our spies. Most of them have been terminated!"

a middle-aged man in a dark brown suit said in a trembling voice. His forehead was covered with the cold sweat of anxiety.

"So all of them have been killed? What use are you then? You can't even keep an eye on one single person. It's not like he has an army! Why don't you just resign?"

Bill snapped, and his face clouded over with rage.

The man trembled at Bill's ominous words. He looked down at the dark-red bloo

choosing, and I don't have any interest in meddling in this. But listen, there is only one chance for this. If you make the wrong choice this time, you will be beyond salvation. But I won't tell Bill. So relax and don't worry."

The man who had waited in the Mercedes-Benz always spoke in a flat-toned voice, as if he had no feeling about matters either way. But Carlson Zhou's back was running like a shower with cold sweat.

"Mr. Gu, in fact, I didn't mean anything else. I just wanted to live. I..."

"You don't have to make a confession to me. I'm not your priest. But you know Darren's strength cannot be underestimated. Anyway, he will return sooner or later. It's okay if you want to be better prepared, but don't do something that will get me in trouble."

Ethan's voice was as frigid as an arctic winter, and Carlson Zhou could not find any words to make excuses or plead for himself.

Carlson Zhou smiled awkwardly in the growing silence as both of them kept silent.

The car was speeding along the highway now. After some time, Ethan suddenly said nonchalantly, "But I can still offer you some advice."

It took some time for Carlson Zhou to react. Stunned, he blurted out, "What?". Then he turned in his seat to look at Ethan reclining on the backseat.

Ethan took out a packet of cigarettes from his pocket, flicked one out, pinched it between his cruel lips, and as the lighter spluttered, he puffed on his cigarette.

"You could choose to kill Bill..."

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