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   Chapter 1211 Make A Scene

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"But what?" Wade chose to speak to Emily ironically while staring at her. "To tell you the truth, I have already seen this design, and I've been made aware about Anna's comments as well. I think she was just being polite enough to comment on the design that way. If I was one of the judges, I would have certainly made more offensive and ruthless comments."

Emily was visibly annoyed by what Wade had just said. She retorted coldly, "Wade, I know that you have high prestige and you don't want to offend your colleagues, but you've gone too far by saying something like that. It was derogatory and humiliating."

Usually, Emily never spoke in this way, but looking at this Wade, she was very angry. She was pretty emotional about the subject.

Just a while ago, he had commented that the design was exceptional, and that it was a good work of the Gu Consortium. However, as soon as Anna's name was mentioned, he immediately spoke negatively about the work.

Apparently, Wade didn't want to offend Anna, so he deliberately underrated the work.

"Am I saying harsh words? I guess one of the two designers you brought here today must be the designer of that work, right?"

He then turned to get quick glimpses of Ellen and Estelle, who were beside Emily.

"In fact, I think the designer is more knowledgeable than anyone else. The issue lies in the very design itself. It's not with the person. The conception of this design is exceptional. But it's a pity that the details of this design are not even close to being satisfactory. It's acceptable that the design was selected as one of the Top five works, but it can be also removed from the Top 5 List. So I don't think Anna's comments were entirely wrong. "

Wade's words made Emily's heart beat haphazardly and her eyebrows frown, but she had to agree with him. Although Emily favored Estelle, she could easily discern the problems of the design draft with a single glance. She had always believed that a design would be acceptable only if it was excellent as a whole, but she had never expected that the details mattered so much in a design.

At this point, Emily even doubted if she had been wrong to insist on recruiting Estelle in the first place. At the same time, she questioned whether she had been too subjective in making every decision regarding Estelle, who had attracted her attention owing to her designing talent. Meanwhile, she wondered if she herself was so eager to cultivate a newcomer like Estelle that she had been encouraging her, but reluctant to point out her drawbacks and render her the opportunity to make adequate corrections.

A series of questions burst into Emily's mind. She had never been so frightened and confused before.

She was afraid that she would screw

t Estelle's prior consent. Estelle was worried she would face its consequences sooner or later.

She didn't want to get Ellen implicated. Ruining her entire life would be enough. Ellen could always mature to become an excellent designer in the future.

That had been her dream all this while.

Emily frowned, and without looking at Estelle, she replied, "You didn't do anything wrong. Why are you apologizing to me?"

"Director Emily, it's my fault. I didn't draw the sketch very well this time. I'll work harder next time around. You have my word."

Emily walked over to Estelle and patted her on the shoulder, comforting, "You've done a good job. You don't need to apologize to me or to anyone else. It was your first attempt in participating in such a formal competition. Hence, you were understandably quite nervous. As a result, you didn't deal with the details quite well and happened to miss a few significant points. You can do better next time."

Estelle nodded, and Emily chose to remain silent with an affectionate smile plastered on her face.

After all of the three left the DH Club, Estelle refused Emily's offer to drive them back.

After escorting Emily to her car, Estelle and Ellen watched the car speed off into the darkness.

The smile on Estelle's face disappeared into thin air in no time. She turned around and slapped Ellen hard on her face.

Ellen hadn't expected that Estelle would physically assault her. As the effect of the sudden unanticipated assault, she stumbled backward.

"Are you so anxious to make a scene right here? Are you so impatient? I've said that when this matter is over, you can be a designer as openly as you like. Why are you so reluctant to wait? "

Estelle yelled at Ellen at the top of her lungs. This was just the tip of the iceberg of a new professional rivalry.

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