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   Chapter 1210 Meeting Wade

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After work, Estelle left the company and was following in Emily's wake when she saw a girl standing at the gate.

Emily recognized the girl at first sight. She was the one who had bumped into Emily during the interview process.

When the girl saw Estelle walk out behind Emily, she rushed to Estelle and said with a smile, "Estelle, is what you said on the phone true? Can I really meet with Mr. Wang?"

Estelle nodded with a gentle smile, patted the girl's hand and said, "Yes."

Then she turned to look at Emily and said, "Ellen, let me introduce you. This is Director Emily, the person in charge of the new products."

Emily frowned. Estelle was polite and quite formal, but why did she stress that Emily was in charge of the new products?

Though Estelle hadn't said anything wrong, Emily just felt weird.

Ellen sized Emily up from head to toe, and though she didn't say anything, she made Emily feel self-conscious and awkward. Finally, Ellen nodded at Emily, to which Emily smiled politely. However, the air between the women was strangely tense then.

Estelle yanked Ellen's hand and scolded her. "Ellen, be polite. You should greet Director Emily."

Emily waved her hand casually and said, "There's no need. However, we should go now as it's getting late."

In the car, Emily quietly observed the two sisters and could not resist her piqued curiosity. "Did you both study design at the university?"

Estelle seemed to be suddenly nervous. "Why do you ask this question, Director Emily?"

Emily smiled. "Don't be so nervous. I'm merely a little curious. After all, Mr. Wang is a top designer. Anyone who looks up to him will certainly enjoy design, or would have majored in design."

Estelle heaved a sigh of relief. "Yes, my sister and I both studied in the field of design."

"That's wonderful. You are so talented. I believe your sister must be equally gifted."

Emily turned to look at Ellen. She had met this girl twice, and every time she saw her, it seemed

nd she quickly assumed the seat opposite to him.

It seemed that Wade was no longer in a hurry.

After they had both sat down, Wade once again looked at the design drawing.

"Is this a work from the internal competition of the Gu Consortium?"

Emily nodded her head solemnly. Wade rubbed his chin pensively and said, "To be honest, this design is very promising. I am familiar with most of your company's designers. This was surely made by one of the top ones."

"This design was shortlisted, but it was not given much recognition. I would like to know your opinion. Could you please give me some comments on it?"

"There were four judges in the panel on that day, right? Why do you need me to give more feedback?"

Emily was embarrassed at his words. How could she admit that she wanted to get his take on the design so that she could rebut Anna's judging?

When Emily hesitated, the situation was suddenly made plain to Wade. He folded the design drawing and coldly said, "I've never heard of such a thing. You invited the judges yourself, but you don't seem to trust them. Interesting."

"You misunderstood me, Mr. Wang. I didn't make any implications to that regard. I just..."

Emily was anxiously searching for the right words with which to explain, but these eluded her.

She frowned in concentration.

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