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   Chapter 1208 Get Drunk

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From an extravagant bar, Taylor staggered out, dressed in a crimson dress.

After walking a few steps, she puked profusely, holding her elbow against the wall for support so that she wouldn't trip and fall.

Today, the staff of the hospital were holding a party. They had played games all night long. She had kept losing in the game and kept drinking as a manner of punishment.

It was just a while ago that all the members realized that it had gotten late. Hence, they had decided to call it a day.

Taylor struggled to hail a taxi home and was stopped by several hooligans who seemed to sprout of nowhere.

"Hey, are you alone? Let's go for a drink!"

Taylor raised her head and frowned slightly. She yelled at them in utter disgust, "Get out of here!"

"You certainly have a bad temper. Come on, let's go for a drink!"

A man put his hand on Taylor's bare skin and looked at her lustfully.

"Fuck off!"

Taylor pushed the hand away and took half a step back hastily.

She soon felt that there was a wall of flesh behind her. She looked back in a daze and saw a man squinting at her.

"You... Louis..."

A trace of surprise and disbelief flashed across the woman's face.

Louis lowered his head and looked at the woman with no expression on his face. His face seemed curiously mysterious.

"Hey, who are you? We found her first. If you are smart enough, you'll get the hell out of here!"

Louis pushed Taylor behind him reflexively and retorted, "What if I have to take her away right now?"

The man's voice was very cold and his face looked ruthlessly determined.

Those hooligans exchanged glances with each other.

"You brat, you wish to be a hero to save the beauty, right? Let's see if you have enough strength inside you to do that!" Having challenged Louis, they quickly walked over and surrounded him. It didn't appear to be the first time they were doing something like this.

With a grim face, Louis stretched out his long leg and kicked the man who had just held Taylor. He galloped and collapsed a few meters away.

Within the next few minutes, Louis knocked down all of them, one by one.

Without taking his eyes off the wailing hooligans on the ground, Louis walked towards Taylor. He stare

ust a savior at the right place and the right time.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. How could the woman, who didn't even know how to protect herself, drink so much! She really had no sense of security at all. She wasn't much of a drinking person either. He wondered how she had gotten drunk to this extent tonight. He carried her into the bathroom with a grimace on his face.

Perhaps she was too exhausted after many hours of fidgeting. She felt a little sleepy.

Sighing, Louis filled the bathtub with warm water and put the woman in it to give her a bath. He hoped this would sober her up quickly.

Looking at this slender and well-shaped body in front of him, his heart skipped a beat.. At this moment, it was impossible for him to keep calm.

'How could I never have guessed that she had such beautiful curves?' the man pondered.

Louis caressed her body with his big warm palms.

He soon realized what he was doing. He suddenly felt guilty about it.

He was a little annoyed and carried Taylor out of the bathtub without any further delay. He took a spray from the side, turned the water temperature to the coldest possible and sprayed the water all over her body.

The woman, who had wanted to take a hot shower after drinking, was suddenly sobered up by the cold water.

She shivered with cold.

When she saw the man with the spray in his hand, she was frightened out of her wits. She stepped back, yelling, "Why...why are you here? What am I doing here?"

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