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   Chapter 1207 Please Trust Me

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7544

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F Country

A black, luxury car was parked in front of the villa in the suburbs. Then, the door was opened, and a woman in rags was recklessly shoved out of the car.

With a callous hand shoved in her back, Nora lost her balance and fell to her knees on the pavement.

Seeing the black car drive off, she wore a bitter smile.

She felt intense agony in every cell of her body.

The bright yellow streetlight shone a revealing glow on her abused body. She looked down at the exposed skin showing through the ragged remains of her clothes. An assortment of bruises greeted her eyes.

Her eyes filled with hatred.

Darren had never treated her as a human. When he felt disgruntled with her, he would torture her. His usual weapon of choice was his bare hands, but sometimes, he would turn to whipping her with belts and straps.

Every time when Nora thought she had escaped death narrowly, Darren would make her feel worse than death, so that she even longed to die. But he would never let her die.

When he had finally been done with his tortures today, she had remembered what he had said. He had blamed her for the fact that he could never be with Rita again, and he would definitely make her repay his pain a hundred times over.

Nora knew that what Darren had said was true.

After Nora sat on the ground for a long time, she finally came to her senses as she felt the chill creep into her very bones and chill even her marrow. She struggled to stand up, limped to the front door of the villa and went inside.

Nora dragged herself into the shower, despite the pain in her body.

When she came out of the bathroom, she saw that her phone was vibrating on the side table.

She picked up her phone with a frown.

It was Carlos.

Nora immediately hung up the phone with a complex expression flashing in her swollen eyes.

But the phone kept ringing.

Nora turned off her phone impatiently.

Then she curled up on the sofa, cradling her body in her arms. Her brain was a chaotic mess. She felt both physically and mentally exhausted, and her eyelids became heavier and heavier. Finally, she slipped into the arms of sleep.

After a long time, Nora awoke in a daze as she heard knocking on the front door of the villa. She frow

lling to be brought so low?"

Hearing his bitter words, Nora struggled but could not free her wrist. Then she roared at him, "Yes, I am willing to give up my dignity. Did I ask for you to intervene? Just get out of here!"

When he saw that Nora was fuming with anger, Carlos's heart trembled, and he calmed down.

"I...I didn't mean it." Suddenly, he looked like a child who had done something wrong.

"Fuck off!"

Nora used all her strength to push Carlos away from her. He stumbled back half a step. Looking at Nora's face, he appeared somewhat reluctant.

"Nora, let me take you away from here, okay? Let's go back to Jingshi City, and we can live a good life there. Darren can't return there now. You won't have to worry about him ever again."

Carlos was honest and sincere, and Nora had to admit to herself that she was really moved.

But soon her senses resumed control, and she slammed the door in his face.

It was not because she didn't desire to start a new life with Carlos. Indeed, it was a dream she could only hope for.

Rather, it was because they would never be able to leave F Country.

Darren had assumed all of Bill's power in F Country.

If she tried to flee with Carlos, they would probably be intercepted and be horribly slain before they could even make it to the airport.

She didn't want to drag down the only man who had given her a bit of hope at the moment.

Nora was satisfied as long as Carlos was safe and happy. Then, the dream was still alive.

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