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   Chapter 1206 Coincidence

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Jacob took a quick look at the final result and shut the blue folder in his hands.

Emily did not get to see the final result.

"Go and call all the people in."

Jacob ordered his assistant beside him rather gently.

The assistant nodded and went over to invite the rest of them to come in. Without any further delay, all the people entered the conference room.

"Anna, please announce the result and comment on it."

Anna picked up the blue folder and immediately glanced at Estelle in the crowd.

Then, she said, "This time, the four of us have found it so hard to select the best works. After all, there were many exceptional works. But in the end, we decided to select the Top 5 works that impressed us the most. This obviously doesn't mean that other unselected designs weren't good enough. We were just forced to select the best among the very best. "

Anna took a look at the folder and announced, "The first one goes to Darcy!"

Every time Anna announced a person's name, Emily's heart skipped a beat in anxiety.

After Anna announced the fourth name, Emily could not wait anymore. She was losing every ounce of patience that was left in her.

When she was about to say something, Jacob stopped her.

"As for the last one, I think the design is pretty good. But I think the designer is not quite experienced enough to deal with some details. I am not quite satisfied with the design. But I am still willing to give her my vote."

Afterwards, Anna announced the last name, "Estelle."

Estelle raised her head in a daze. She looked at Anna, and thought she must have misheard. But very soon, she came to the realization that it was, in fact, her name that was just announced.

With this, she thought that her father must have gotten away with it this time.

Emily was so nervous that her hands were fully wet with sweat. When she heard Anna announce the last name, she was still quite nervous.

"Well, Mr. Jacob, now that the results have been announced, we don't intend to disturb you any further. If there is a chance for cooperation in the future, we shall surely try to cooperate again!"

Anna said to Jacob as she cast a sinister look at Estelle.

She had recognized Estelle's work almost right after seeing it today.

Anna admitted to herself that Estelle was fairly skilled in drawing, but she sighed. To a certain extent, she felt a little sorry for Estelle.


Jacob shook hands with A

uldn't interfere in each other's businesses as well. Do you agree with me, Mr. Liam?"

Liam felt his heart turn cold when he saw the ferocity in Anna's eyes.

"We are different!"

"Is there anything different between us?"

Anna looked at the man in front of her with a frozen sneer. She had felt that they were different in the past five years. In spite of that, their relationship had ended up in a nasty breakup.

"Well, Mr. Liam, you are now a popular designer adored by many people around the globe. Please don't ignore your own influence. I have just terminated the contract. Let me not forget to mention the tumultuous rush that is still out there with respect to my contract termination. I don't want my name to appear on the top search tab again."

It was obvious that Anna was asking Liam to leave her alone, but Liam was in no mood to acquiesce to her demands. He just stayed in the car with Anna in silence. About five minutes later, he pushed open the door and got out of the car swiftly.

The moment Liam got off, Anna said to the driver without hesitation, "Let's go."

The car sped away from the underground garage and faded out of Liam's sight very soon.

After having stood there for a long time, Liam took out his phone and made a call.

"I want to talk to you! It's urgent and very important."

His resonant voice vibrated across the other end of the phone. After many moments of eerie silence, a low and coarse voice was heard from the other end of the phone.

"Okay! Come to Metro Cafe now. I'll be waiting for you there."

Before Liam could reply, the call was disconnected hastily.

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