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   Chapter 1205 The Internal Competition

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The company's internal competition was set for a week after the termination of Anna's contract.

To everyone's surprise, Anna reported as one of the judges. This was an unexpected turn of events, even for Emily.

"The judges are all well-known designers in the design field. Do you have any objection to her judging?"

Jacob said in a cold voice and with a face devoid of any expression, as if he hadn't seen Emily's astonishment.

Before the judging kicked off, Emily pulled Jacob into her office and asked, "Why didn't you tell me beforehand that Anna would be one of the judges?"

Emily's face was somewhat worried, and her tone of voice was laced with dissatisfaction.

"I made a late call on this. Besides, Anna is highly qualified to be a judge for this competition."

Jacob's voice didn't change. He looked at Emily, softening his gaze. He knew what Emily was worried about.

"Anna is a professional, and she can distinguish between public and private matters. As long as any designer you favor is excellent, she will not fail that person on purpose."

Despite Jacob's assurances, Emily was still quite concerned.

The altercation with Estelle that day had caused such huge repercussions. Emily feared that Anna would use this as an opportunity to take her revenge on both Emily and Estelle.

After a moment's thought, an idea came to Emily, and she looked up at Jacob, proposing seriously, "I suggest that all submissions be anonymous."

Jacob agreed to her request without any hesitation.

Returning to the conference room, Jacob amended the rules of the competition.

Although the gathered designers and the judges present didn't say anything, they were all wise enough to understand the intentions behind the changes.

Anna casually sat in her chair, and she raised her eyebrows, playing with her fingers.

"Now that everything has been explained, let's go to the lounge for a rest. The participants can now use this time to begin their designs."

Anna gracefully stood up, glanced at everyone else in the conference room, and led the way to the lounge.

After Emily announced the surprise topic of this competition, she briefly glanced at Estel

m in a minute.

The assistant set the design drafts on the table one by one. The judges panel consisted of four designers this time.

The four judges were discussing each of the drafts, each holding a pen and notepad.

Emily kept peering at the selection of design drafts on the desk.

Although all the designers of the Gu Consortium were competing with and against each other, their capabilities could not be underestimated.

Anna went to one design piece and picked up the drawing. She looked up at Emily as a smile curved on her lips. Then she put the design back on the table and scribbled something down on the scoring sheet.

Emily's heart thumped when she saw this. Estelle's style was quite unique, and Emily could recognize it at first sight.

Not to mention Anna, who had worked in the design department for a long time.

Emily suddenly felt that this anonymous competition had been a stupid idea since Anna knew the designers so well.

Now she had to pin all her hopes on the other judges.

After all the judges had finished their assessment, they gathered together to discuss the merits of all the works.

They occasionally picked up a design drawing as they looked over the participants' works again.

After an hour's discussion and rating, they reached a consensus, and the result was made known.

The judges immediately handed the result to Jacob.

Even Emily was unaware of their decision before it was announced.

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