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   Chapter 1203 Terminate The Contract

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Updated: 2020-01-22 00:02

When Emily came out of the changing room, she saw Rita standing at the door, looking at her with a puzzled face.

"Are you okay? Why did it take you so long?"

Emily shook her head and answered, "It's no big deal. Why are you waiting for me? Where is Michelle?"

Thinking of Michelle, Rita became a little evasive and blushed in embarrassment. She had gone to the beauty salon first with Michelle just now, but the hairdresser hadn't arrived yet. They had sat there for a few minutes in awkward silence. Rita had felt that the air was becoming too oppressive, and the strain had driven her out.

That was why she had come to find Emily.

The two women went to the beauty room, chatting along the way.

"Rita, you can't behave like that. You're the elder sister. It's your prerogative to take the initiative and clarify matters between you two. Why do both of you refuse to talk it out when both of you still care so deeply for each other? That's so sad!"

Rita knew that Emily was correct, but she was too ashamed to face the truth, and she didn't know how to get along with Michelle again.

When they arrived at the beauty salon, the hairdresser was already busy with Michelle. Despite noticing them, Michelle remained silent.

For the rest of their time there, Emily mostly conversed with Rita. Sometimes when Emily deliberately tried to involve Michelle in the conversation, she only responded with one or two sentences.

Emily felt exhausted by it all.

The next day when Emily showed up at the company, she heard the news that Anna had beaten up Estelle.

No one knew exactly what had happened or why she had done it.

When Emily stepped into the design department, she saw Anna sitting in her seat with a sullen face. Estelle was standing, isolated, in the corner with her head lowered. Her hair was a complete mess.

The other designers stood at the side and whispered to each other.

"What are you all doing here?"

Emily looked at Anna as an instant headache threatened to explode her mind. She both loved and hated Anna. She loved and was in awe of Anna's talent, but her personality was a nightmare to deal with at times, for she could blow up at the smallest thing.

When Estelle heard Emily's voice, she stirred and raised her head, exposing the a


Emily rushed to the 32nd floor and barged through the door of the CEO's office. Jacob was sitting behind his desk, making a phone call.

Seeing her rush in, he hung up instantly.

Emily was too anxious to notice Jacob's expression change.

"Jacob, I..."

Jacob didn't wait for Emily to finish speaking. Instead, he reached out and, taking hold of Emily's hand, stopped her from saying more. "I know. Anna wants to terminate her contract."

"What can we do now?"

Emily's face had flushed with anxiety, and her hands were clenching the corners of her clothes. Anxiety was written all over her face as she raised her obvious concern.

"Just terminate the contract!"

Jacob's voice was very light, and there was no emotion on his impassive face.

When Emily heard Jacob's reply, her heart suddenly missed a beat, and she was overcome with a nervous desperation. "Then, is there really no other way?"

Jacob shook his head firmly but replied indifferently, "I just agreed to terminate the contract. Maybe this is for the best for both of us."

"But the company? What now..." Emily did not speak for a long time, then she sucked in a deep breath and said, "Okay, I know. I will simply ensure that this season's new products are perfect."

The Gu Consortium had lost so much face, and was now not only suffering a decline in its prestige, but it had also lost a valuable designer's contract. For the coming season's new products, they'd have to pull out all the stops to rise to prominence again.

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