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   Chapter 1202 Gossiping

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Saxon's hand slowly slid down from the curvaceous body. Dazed, he stared at the woman in front of him. Compared to how she had been eight years ago, Taylor had become more mature.

And more indifferent.

Taylor had spoken truthfully. Not only could his parents not accept such a child, but even he himself had difficulty with this.

Then Taylor said to him in all earnestness, "Be good to Claudia. Both of you are good people. She loves you very much, hold on to that. Don't look for me again in the future. I also have a life that I want to live."

They were no longer walking the same path. Taylor had carried a heavy burden, and it had changed her.

Later, when she got home, Amy had already fallen asleep. Before she could savor the stillness, Taylor received a text message.

It was from him.

The message read, "I can't wait any longer. Finish it as soon as possible, or you won't be able to save your daughter, and you also won't get the antidote for your parents."

Although her father had exchanged her for the land all those years ago, her mother had always tried to protect her. Even though she had ended up being driven out of their house, it was due to her mother's secret help that she had not ended up a homeless hobo.

Anyway, she had to save her mother.

That man had already given her a sample of the poison, and she had tested it. It was a singularly dangerous poison. There was no known antidote on the market. Even if she wanted to find the antidote, she had to further analyze the poison first. And there were a lot of experiments involved in that.

Recently, she had been dedicating her time in the laboratory of the hospital. She and Professor Wang, who was in charge of the pharmacology department, had been analyzing the poison, but there was still no progress.

The blackmailer had expected this result, so he had deliberately given her the poison. Thinking of this, she couldn't help but feel like she had been played.

After thinking for a while, Taylor dialed the number. It was answered on the second ring. "Even if I do it for you, how can I be sure that you will give me the antidote?"

Taylor wanted reassurance

ssing the raising of their children, while Emily and the other women went to the salon.

Although the two odd people looked somehow strange, they were still able to get along.

In the beauty parlor, Michelle and Rita had already changed their clothes, but Emily was delayed by a call.

As Emily was about to change her clothes, she heard people passing by the door, and the contents of their conversation aroused her attention.

"An actress is an actress. No matter how popular she is, she is still just an actress. Anyone can play with her if they pay!"

a woman sneered. Her words were soaked in malice.

"But it's really a bad thing. If this matter should ever become public knowledge, I think that Dina will never make a comeback again in her life," another woman remarked.

"Comeback? I told you that she was with six strong men on that day. I heard that they even took pictures? If the scandal gets exposed, I would rather die than have a comeback if I were her!"

The two people outside were completely absorbed in their gossiping. Emily was thinking about what the two women had said as she lingered in the changing room. After a long time, there was a knock outside the door. "Emily, are you still in here?"

Emily finally snapped back to reality and said hurriedly, "I'll come out just now. Wait a minute."

Then she quickly changed her clothes.

Anyway, it was none of her business. So why did she overthink it?

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