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   Chapter 1201 Emily Held An Internal Competition Between The Designers Of Her Company

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 10489

Updated: 2020-01-21 00:02

"Are you planning on holding an internal competition between the designers of the company?"

Anna asked Emily. Her eyes were questioning but also pensive as she heard what Emily had said just now.

In fact, Anna had always been somewhat unwilling to accept that Emily was a talented and creative designer in her own right. Although Emily's work at Love and Dream had been selling well, Anna still thought that the successful sales were in part due to the company's great marketing strategies, not because of Emily's design abilities.

However, everyone knew that no matter how great the marketing strategy was, if the designer hadn't designed well-considered products, they wouldn't have been so widely sold. Therefore, Anna had to admit that Emily's collection for Love and Dream was really quite wonderful work.

Anna became curious after hearing Emily's initiative. She wondered why Emily would suddenly like to hold an internal competition.

"Every season, when our company has to launch new design products, the executives make the decisions and assign some designers to take charge of those campaigns. I think that most of our designers feel overlooked at times and are unwilling to accept those decisions. So, this time, I'm giving each of you a chance. We are going to hold an internal competition. You simply have to show us the best of your work. We'll choose the best work, and the designer of that work can take part in the latest project. Do you agree?" Emily explained to the designers.

There would be five design collections for each new season, and Anna was always chosen to partake in the design work of every season. Everyone knew that Anna was a prestigious designer.

There was hardly any opportunity left to take part in the new projects of every season. Hence, in order to win the chance, everyone had always tried their best to perform well. Now, unexpectedly, a newcomer had suddenly appeared in the shape of Estelle, and she had gotten the chance without even breaking a sweat. In that case, of course, the other designers were not happy to accept it.

They had never had any internal competitions before. It was a rare opportunity for each designer to shine. Therefore, after Emily declared her plan, all of them were eager to give their best work. Besides, this was also a good chance to show off their design abilities.

Anna shrugged her shoulders and, ever the blunt speaker, casually said, "I am okay with that. But I just want to know who will be judging."

Emily looked to Jacob for help–her spur of the moment plan had only gone so far. Characteristically, Jacob was prepared and said indifferently, "Now that Director Bai has explained her plan, I think we should invite some judges from the local design circle. As for who the judges will be, I give you the right to vote on that. Once you get a result, you can inform Director Bai."

Having spoken, Jacob glanced briefly at Estelle, who still kept to the corner.

The design department descended into chaos because of Jacob's words. How could he spend so much money on an internal competition when the company was in trouble?


, Saxon wrapped both arms around Taylor and managed to successfully hold her tightly in his arms.

All the while, Louis watched with amazement as the dramatic scene unfolded right before him like something from an old movie. Louis was stirred by a mix of feelings, and in the end, he was unsure of how he felt. But when he made eye contact with Taylor, he inadvertently curved his narrow lips into a sarcastic smile. Then he turned around and walked off into the dark night.

Watching Louis walk away, Taylor's heart sank. Then she shoved Saxon away coldly.

"Saxon, can you at least try and be a little more sensible and rational? You are about to get married. You should be preparing for your wedding with the rest of your time, instead of becoming entangled with me,"

Taylor reprimanded Saxon with her cold voice. Upon hearing her rebuke, Saxon felt depression set in. However, he still begged, "Taylor, can't we start all over again, you and I? As a matter of fact, I don't even love Claudia at all. You are the only one I have been in love with for as long as I can remember. Let's be together for the rest of our lives, okay?"

Taylor was not taken in by his love-struck confession, and she pried Saxon's fingers off her arm one by one. Then she said in a calm voice, "A broken mirror cannot be fixed, just like our relationship. You know that. Do you still remember what happened back then? From that moment on, we could no longer go back anymore."

Looking at Taylor's calm expression, Saxon began to feel flustered. He forced a big smile on his face, but it looked worse than when he had been crying. Then he continued, "It doesn't matter. I don't care. I really don't care right now."

Taylor gave him a mocking smile, saying, "You don't care? Then what about your parents? Do you think they will care about it or not? If they really didn't care that I had been forced to sleep with a man, we wouldn't have had to break up several years ago. What's more, after that terrible night, I fell pregnant. Then I gave birth to my child. Can your parents accept such a child?"

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