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   Chapter 1200 Whispering

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"I'm sure!"

"Jacob, do you have a crush on that girl? You resolutely disagreed with my hiring her for a project, and now you've even suggested that first. You've come to believe her after just having a meal with her?"

Emily's face had grown serious as she looked at Jacob, although she was feigning anger as she carefully watched him.

Jacob was overcome with mirth, and helplessly, he laughed at Emily's implied accusation. He held her in his arms and coaxed, "What do you think? I only have 300 dollars in total. What do you expect me to do with a mere 300 dollars? I just thought that since you like her so much, I would agree with you."

Emily knew Jacob's measure in her heart. She just wanted to poke fun at him. Seeing his serious look of denial, she could not help laughing out loud.

"Well, I'm just joking. Why are you suddenly so nervous?"

Emily asked teasingly as she looked at Jacob.

Jacob stood to one side and kept mum.

Seeing his dour demeanor, Emily tiptoed and gently kissed Jacob's sultry lips. At that moment, a small voice sounded from the lounge entrance. "Mommy, are you not ashamed? You kissed Daddy!"

Emily turned around in surprise and saw Beryl standing at the door of the lounge, looking at them with large eyes.

Immediately, Emily stepped away from Jacob as a trace of embarrassment settled on her face.

She thought it was inappropriate for their child to see the intimate aspects of their relationship.

"Beryl, why did you sneak up on us?"

Beryl looked at Emily with an aggrieved face. "I just woke up, and before I could say good morning, I saw you kissing Daddy."

Emily was still a little embarrassed and couldn't find the words to reply to Beryl. She looked down at her daughter, feeling very much like a reprimanded child herself, and then she pursed her lips as her ears burned.

When Beryl and her young brother left in the afternoon, Emily whispered to Beryl, "You can't tell anyone what you saw when you get to the office today. This is a little secret between you and me, okay?"


Beryl nodded with a wink.

After the children had left, Emily finally breathed a small sigh of relief.

Later, as she passed by the design department, she heard someone talking.

"This person is said to be a talented designer. She even had lunch with Mr. Jacob and Director Emily. This so-called talented designer has even claimed to have been admitted by our company due to her personal competencies. Who the hell knows if it is true or not?"

Emily frowned and lingered at the door with some displeasure as she listened to the gossip. She did not go in.

The staff of the design department were all very smart and creative. This often caused friction, and in addition, most of the company's disputes were in the design department. Perhaps this was due to all

self-inflated designers would find fault with the work, which would make it even more difficult for Estelle to continue working in the design department.

"Checking the works of other designers is against the rules of our company. All the works submitted are confidential."

Jacob's voice sounded from behind Emily.

Hearing the wisdom of what Jacob said, Emily slowly breathed a sigh of relief in her heart.

When she came back to her senses, she turned to look at Jacob with a thankful glance.

Jacob's comment had effectively banned the employees from checking the collection of works. Even at this point, Emily was still wondering if she had heard Jacob wrong.

As soon as Jacob had the final say, some employees started whispering in the office.

Upon hearing Jacob's words, Anna merely narrowed her eyes without any fear. "I've never heard that there is such a thing as an induction evaluation in our company. What's more, it's just an assessment and not for commercial production. So why would those works be confidential?"

Anna asked in a cold voice. She had come over to join the Gu Consortium because Jacob had promised her a large sum of money when he poached her from another company. The Gu Consortium had been facing a severe crisis for a long time now. If it were not for Jacob's shrewd business acumen and resources, she would never have stayed with the company.

After all, several other companies were now trying to poach her on the sly.

"Whether they are confidential or not, I have the final say!"

Jacob regarded Anna coldly, and his voice was innately domineering. He did not like employees who dared to dispute management's decisions.

The atmosphere in the whole design department grew more than a little awkward.

Emily had not wanted to cause such a confrontation, so she interrupted, "Well, then, let's organize an internal competition!"

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