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   Chapter 1199 Emily Invited Estelle To Have Lunch Together

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At that moment, Emily came in from outside, followed by a strange woman.

When Emily saw her family in her office, she was obviously stunned. Then she opened her mouth to ask them, "What are you guys doing here?" A second later, when she noticed that Beryl was pouting, Emily added, "Beryl, what's wrong with you?"

"Daddy is teasing me!" Beryl moaned to Emily.

Emily glanced at Jacob, and he replied with a serious look on his face, "No, I didn't!"

Beryl struggled out of Jacob's arms and then ran towards Emily. Looking at Jacob and Bowen, who were sitting across from her, Emily knew that they had been ganging up together to tease Beryl from the guilty expressions on their faces.

"Have you guys eaten yet?" Emily asked, hoping to ease the tension in her little family.

"Not yet. We were planning to go out for lunch,"

Jacob responded in a flat tone as he walked towards Emily and looked questioningly at the unknown woman behind her.

"Oh, I also haven't eaten yet. Let's go out to lunch together," Emily suggested.

At this moment, Estelle, who was standing behind them, suddenly opened her mouth. "Miss Bai, I will go upstairs."

Upon hearing Estelle's voice, Emily called out to her. "Estelle, wait a moment. You haven't had lunch either. Please join us!"

"Well, thank you very much. But I don't want to intrude on your time with your family. It wouldn't be appropriate. I am just..."

Estelle hurriedly refused Emily's kindness. Jacob was a well-known and highly successful businessman in Jingshi City. Additionally, Estelle was well-aware that Jacob was an exceptionally intelligent and savvy man, and she felt intimidated under his sharp gaze, like he could see right through her intentions. She was afraid that the longer she spent in his company, the more likely that she would give away her true identity. Just as the old saying went, "An uneasy conscience is a hair in the mouth."

She wasn't fully prepared yet. Hence, Estelle couldn't risk spending time with Jacob.

"Oh, that's okay. Please do join us for lunch!"

Emily said as she took Beryl in her arms and walked out of the room, not leaving Estelle any more chance to refuse her offer.

Jacob followed Emily with Bowen after taking a deep look at Estelle.

In the end, Emily chose a nearby Chinese restaurant known for its exceptionally good food and environment.

After entering the private room, Beryl and Bowen were much more content and happy. Although they couldn't eat at McDonald's today, they didn't care about it at all right now. It was a treat for them to spend some time with their parents, because they had really missed their parents lately. Due to their parents' work commitments, they both often worked long hours and the nannies took care of the children.

On the other hand, Estelle, who had followed them meekly, was now seated in the corner, silently observing the Gu Family in the private room with a cautious expression.

After little Bowen had assumed his seat, he seemed to notice the beautiful strange woman sitting opposit


When they had finished eating and returned to the company from the restaurant, Beryl and Bowen had already drifted off to sleep. As Emily put the two children in the lounge, she noticed that Jacob was sitting at his desk, lost in thought.

"What are you thinking about?"

Emily asked as she came up behind Jacob and gently placed her hands around the back of his neck.

Jacob in turn pulled her around to sit on his lap as he answered, "Nothing."

Having spoken, he buried his face in Emily's neck. She could feel his hot breath on the skin of her neck, and her pulse began to race.

Emily's face turned red in an instant.

Although she and Jacob had already had three children, she still blushed furiously every time Jacob engaged in such an intimate action with her.

Emily pulled away then and gently pushed him back, whispering, "We're still in the office. We can't be seen like this!"

Jacob had come to accept and even appreciate that Emily was shy, so he had given up on forcing her. He regretfully let go of Emily's arm.

Emily was surprised that Jacob let her go so easily today. However, feeling shy, she immediately jumped off his legs and adjusted her clothes.

"What's wrong with you?"

Emily asked Jacob again as she felt that his distraction was out of character.

"Well, nothing serious. I am just thinking about the job description of that new designer, Estelle. I think we should give her the chance to take part in the design drafts for this season once she has finished her residency," Jacob said, still with a far off look in his eyes.

Emily was now quite confused. A few days ago, she had told Jacob that she would like to assign Estelle to take part in the project, but Jacob had then disagreed with her. But today, he wanted to let Estelle take part in the project out of his own volition.

Moreover, he had even decided to let Estelle to take part in the design work of the new products for the latest season.

Emily looked at her husband doubtfully and asked, "Are you sure?"

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