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   Chapter 1198 Another E-Mail

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Updated: 2020-01-20 00:02

"Was it Darren? Has he mistreated you badly?"

There was only the hurry of concern, but no trace of impatience, in Carlos's voice.

Nora seemed unable to bear it any longer, and she burst out, "I said that I'm fine! And even if I am not, it has nothing to do with you. Who do you think you are? What right do you have to judge me and meddle in my affairs? Shouldn't you be deliriously happy about seeing me suffer? Perhaps I deserve it because I abandoned you since you were too poor?"

After Nora had finished her emotional storm, large tears slowly rolled down her cheeks, and her voice had become hoarse, reflecting her exhaustion.

Carlos's hands trembled slightly, and his face was full of disbelief.

"I have never even considered that," he said in a trembling voice. His heart ached at her accusations. "I...I always hoped you could live a good life. I have never wanted to laugh at you."

Nora was tethering on the verge of a complete emotional breakdown. She didn't want this man to see her in such a pitiful state and remember her like this for the rest of his life.

But at this point, her last shred of self-esteem was also ruined. The last veil that had concealed her body had been torn, and she was left naked under the gaze of everyone.

"It doesn't matter whether you have money or not. The most important thing is that you have seen it. If there is nothing else, I will leave now."

Nora struggled to climb down from the bed. Her lips were pale with the last echoes of her tension.

As she arrived at the door of the room, Carlos hurried to her side and, blocking the door, said in a sad voice, "Yesterday, my parents asked me to return. They said they wanted me to meet a good girl and to get married. I compromised!"

When Nora heard these words, her body stiffened. Finally, as she spoke, her voice was barely noticeable over its trembling. "That's good. I wish you happiness, and I know that you will be good to that girl."

If she had said that she was not jealous, it would have been a lie. Nora could feel depression creep into her heart because of his words.

She wanted to plead with him and say, "Don't marry that woman." However, on second thought, she realized that she had no right to

as her eyes narrowed in an expression of displeasure.

Looking at his sister, Bowen stretched out his chubby little hands, clenched them into mock fists and said seriously, "You forgot. You forgot."

It was then that Jacob was shocked as he finally remembered it was already July! With a guilty look, he said, "Daddy has been too busy these last few days. I didn't mean to do that. How about this? Daddy will treat you to a Happy Meal at McDonalds, okay?"

Hearing her father's appeasement offer, Beryl covered her small bag alertly.

"I don't like eating at McDonalds. I don't want to eat junk food!"

Beryl still remembered that the last time her father had claimed that he would treat her, it was she who had ended up paying. She would not be cheated like that again.

At this moment, Bowen didn't say anything more, but looked at his sister with a pair of blinking, watery eyes before finally saying, "Beryl, I want to eat there. I like McDonalds!"

"No way! Mom doesn't allow us to eat that kind of junk food. Bowen, let's be obedient, okay?"

Jacob didn't know then whether he should laugh or cry. He looked at his children and jokingly teased them, "Then, Beryl, you don't have to eat there if you don't want to. You can go to the canteen to get something to eat, okay? I will have lunch with Bowen at McDonalds."

Hearing what Jacob said, Beryl became quite anxious as she realized that she had drawn the short straw in this argument. "Daddy, you're bullying me!"

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