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   Chapter 1197 A Special Invitation

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After about half an hour of intense labor, Estelle stopped drawing. She heaved a sigh of relief, put down her pen, and then lifted her design sketch off the tea table with a smile of satisfaction settling on her lips.

Rising, she walked to Emily and handed over the drawing. Emily carefully studied the design sketch, and she couldn't hide her admiration at the detail and quality of the sketch.

This bracelet broke the vanity of the traditional luxury brands. For starters, there were no diamonds. Secondly, the chain was designed in a pentagon shape, and the diamonds had been replaced by crystals. What's more, the crystals were each delicately beautified with dedicated patterns.

"Is this design about love?"

Emily asked the girl in front of her, not quite able to hide her satisfaction.

Emily had seen Estelle's resume and knew that she had majored in drawing rather than jewelry design. Therefore, Emily was quite stunned that the young girl had been able to create such an impressive design.

"No, it is about family affection."

"Family affection?"

Emily then looked at the design sketch in her hands with much more care. In her mind, crystals were traditionally the symbol of love rather than family affection.

But after thinking carefully and examining the design further, Emily realized that it was a very creative interpretation of family affection, since it was seen in a new and innovative way.

The crystals could represent parents, and the chain their children.

"Congratulations, Miss Wang, you are officially a member of the Gu Consortium."

Emily reached out her hand and Estelle shook it warmly.

Later, while leaning against the bathroom partition, Estelle gasped for air. She was still both horrified and excited by what had just happened.

Fortunately, she had remembered that her little sister had previously designed a bracelet based on the theme of family affection.

Estelle had had no other choice but to draw that design from memory, but she had never expected that she would pass the interview so easily with a stolen design.

It seemed that she had to be more cautious in the future. Love and Dream was a place full of crisis, and her secret could be discovered at any moment. It seemed that she had to take action soon.

Emily sat in the office. The more she looked at the design sketch of the bracelet, the more surprised she became. She was so captivated that she hardly even noticed when Jacob quietly entered the room.

"What are you looking at?"

Jacob walked behind Emily, where, leaning over her shoulder, his sharp eyes stared at the design sketch in Emily's hands.

"It's a design drawing by one of the new employees who participated in the assessment test today. I think it's very good. What do you think?"

Emily handed the design sketch to Jacob,

serve a cold-blooded monster who derived pleasure from maltreating women and sating his anger on their pain.

At that terrible moment, Nora began to curse Darren from head to toe.

She saw that many people who were passing by her looked at and judged her with undisguised contempt in their eyes.

Although Nora felt completely humiliated, she tried to hide her embarrassment by forcing a smile.

At last, she couldn't stand it anymore and fainted on the sidewalk.

Before Nora passed out, the last image she saw in her mind was a man's panic-stricken face.


Nora simply couldn't believe her eyes.

When Nora regained consciousness, she found herself in the luxurious bedroom of a mansion. When she sat up from the bed and looked around at the unfamiliar and opulent environment, she felt very calm.

She noticed that her injuries and wounds had been treated; at least, the ones on her body were.

"Are you feeling better?"

A familiar voice reached Nora's ears.

The man who had spoken looked at Nora with a worried expression.

Looking at the kind face in front of her, Nora was stunned for a moment.

It turned out that it had not been an illusion when she had seen Carlos's face before passing out.

"Are you still in pain?"

Seeing that Nora sat on the bed motionlessly, Carlos anxiously enquired about her health with great concern.

Nora was both overwhelmed and touched by Carlos's caring expression, and she shook her head. She then responded gently and gratefully, "I'm fine. Thank you!"

Carlos was stunned since she obviously didn't look well, and then he asked, "You still don't look well. Can you tell me what happened to you and how you were hurt?"

Nora unconsciously grasped the quilt around her body like a shroud around her past and said lightly, "Sorry, but that is my private business, and I don't want to talk about it."

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