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   Chapter 1196 Dina Suffered Humiliation

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9816

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When Dina regained consciousness, she found herself naked and lying on the cold concrete floor in a warehouse.

Momentarily confused, she looked around and was confronted by the sight of several men staring at her with ravenous eyes.

Through a gap between the men circled about her, she could vaguely see a man sitting on a folding chair not far away.

The man was garbed in an expensive suit, and his face twisted into an evil smile when he saw her look at him.

"Miss Dina, I have considered it for a while, and I have decide to leave something to myself, just to be safe. Because I don't want to keep on worrying that one day, you will tell others that I had met with Estelle today. However, just take it easy, and you don't have to be afraid. I just wanted to invite you here so we could take some group photos with you. After all, you are good at that," Ethan said to Dina.

That was when Dina finally understood why Ethan had brought her here. But she was still very confused. She couldn't figure out why he was so afraid that she would tell others about that naive girl. In Dina's eyes, that girl was nothing special, and she didn't know anything about what had happened between the girl and Ethan. In fact, Dina had merely seen her coming out from the private room.

She had thought that the fresh young girl who had walked out of the room on that day had simply been his newest prey. Even though Ethan had threatened Dina later, she had still thought that he only wanted to protect that girl.

But now, it seemed that the girl was much more important than Dina had imagined.

"Ethan, it was by pure chance that I even met you and the girl that day. What's more, I know nothing of what your business with her was about. It has nothing to do with me. So why are you intent on humiliating me?"

Dina questioned, her voice becoming cold. Although she was quite willing to have sex with all kinds of men, given her history of debauchery, she still refused to leave any photographic evidence of her involvement.

If Ethan posted such photos online, her reputation would be ruined. Should that happen, the scandal would be the last straw on the camel's back, and it would destroy her hopes of any future fame.

"Miss Dina, it is quite true that this matter has nothing to do with you. Unfortunately, you were at the wrong place at the wrong time and you have seen it. So you got yourself into trouble,"

Ethan replied as his fingers raked casually through his dark hair.

Dina assessed the situation and realized that she wouldn't be able to escape from her ghastly fate.

"Well, get to work now. Miss Dina is a very busy and popular star, and everyone knows that her time is really valuable. Don't waste her precious time with dilly dally," Ethan said to the leering men.

After saying that, he coldly stretched out his hand and waved as he sealed her fate. Then the men slowly moved closer to her as their e

e hadn't expected there to be an admission test. For a moment, she didn't know what she should do. Of course, she felt very nervous.

"Miss Wang, don't be nervous. I've already studied your design. This test will really be a walk in the park for someone of your talent," Emily comforted.

Upon hearing what Emily said, Estella nodded her head stiffly. Although her major had been painting, and she had learned some theoretical knowledge about drawing, she would definitely be unable to complete a design draft right here and now in the office.

"Okay!" Estelle finally replied.

Although it was a challenge for Estelle, and she feared she might be proven a fraud, she still agreed. She knew that if she wanted to successfully enter Emily's company, she had no other choice but to take the test.

"Okay, then I'll explain the requirements of this test to you," Emily elaborated. Then, she laid a sheath of paper in front of Estelle and spoke again. "I want you to design a bracelet for our company on the theme of love."

Emily felt that this question was not particularly tricky. Love was something that we could show to our lovers, family, and friends. Hence, it was something Estelle should be familiar with.

Although it was not tricky, it did present some challenge for a designer to draw a worthy design on the theme.

Estelle's mind was tumbling in a messy state as she thought about what Emily had said. She sat next to the office table with a pen gripped tightly in her hand, and she didn't make any movement for a long time.

Emily was not in a hurry, nor did she urge Estelle to start drawing. She just sat there quietly and watched her.

Soon, 10 minutes had passed, but Estelle still hadn't set pen to paper. Emily furrowed her brows, but as she was about to say something, she saw Estelle quickly begin sketching on the paper.

So, Emily returned her brows to their natural state and looked at Estelle with quiet interest.

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