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   Chapter 1195 Impressive Design

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Emily understood what the manager, Mr. He, meant. However, she was still terribly shocked by the awful quality of the applicants that she had interviewed this morning.

Emily rubbed her temples with her fingers as she struggled with the headache resulting from seeing such mediocrity.

Later, as Emily walked out of the company with the manager, Mr. He, she unexpectedly bumped into a girl by accident.

Off balance, Emily staggered back a few steps and almost fell. Luckily, Mr. He reacted quickly to support her.

"Ms. Bai, be careful!"

Emily regained her balance, and then noticed the girl who was kneeling down to pick up the sheaf of papers that she had dropped on the ground during the accident. The girl's head was bent down as she gathered her work.

Emily sighed slightly, then she waved to the manager Mr. He beside her to indicate that she was fine.

Her action prevented Mr. He from blaming the girl who was still squatting on the ground. As Emily shook her head, she planned to leave, but a design sketch lying a little apart from the others caught her eye.

Emily froze on the spot and picked up the design sketch from the ground, and she was surprised by the wonderful design elements that she saw. "Was this design sketch created by you?"

Hearing what Emily had said, the girl immediately stood up and grabbed the drawing from Emily's hands. She then looked at Emily warily and challenged her. "So what? It is none of your business!"

"Are you working or still a student at the moment?"

Emily continued asking, but the girl refused to answer. Instead, the girl glanced at her wristwatch, then turned and ran away without saying a word.

The manager, Mr. He, was angry at the girl's discourteous behavior, and said, "It is a great pity that many of today's youth behave so impetuously and impolitely."

Emily wordlessly smiled at him.

She was quite certain that the design sketch she had seen was very creative and had loads of potential market value. Emily believed that if any design company produced their products based on such a design sketch, those products would be of great value and much desired by their customers.

Watching the girl running away so anxiously, Emily smiled faintly. She was pleased that the interviewees were finally delivering some quality work.

Emily continued conducting the personal interviews with other job applicants during the afternoon. But her purpose soon became clear. Just a few minutes later, she picked out a piece of paper from amidst a pile of documents. "Did the designer of t

hotel room at the reception desk. Please let yourself into the room. I'm on the way to meet you!"

Dina felt a little better after hearing Bill's excuse.

She understood that it was a normal daily routine for Bill to work overtime, so she said gently, "Okay, drive slowly!"

After hanging up the phone, Dina went to the reception desk to explain the situation. Then the receptionist handed the key to Dina but gave her a strange look.

Dina felt uncomfortable because of the scornful glance but did not delve into it.

When Dina entered the hotel room Bill had reserved, she found that there was a strange fragrance wafting through the air. She frowned a little but thought nothing of it.

Though she didn't like the scent of incense, she knew that Bill liked it.

Dina looked around and found that the room was dimly lit by a scented candle, and a bouquet of roses had been put on the table in the living room.

As Dina noticed all these things, a sarcastic smile appeared on her face.

Indeed, she was not some inexperienced girl, so the dedicated and romantic decorations were useless to her.

Dina simply sat on the sofa and patiently waited for Bill to arrive.

Gradually, she felt a little dizzy and nauseous because of the incense fragrance, which had become much stronger.

She rubbed her eyes and tried her best to rise, wanting to go to the washroom to wash her face.

But she felt weak and fatigued. It was as if her limbs had been filled with lead, and she had no strength to move at all. Dina finally realized that something was terribly wrong. But every attempt to move or cry out was to no avail. Finally, she could only let herself gradually slip into unconsciousness.

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