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   Chapter 1194 Recruitment

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Today, Dina had set an appointment with a local business tycoon at the private room, but she could never have expected that she would run into Ethan there.

The young girl who had left in such a hurry seemed to have come out of the room.

Thinking of this, Dina narrowed her eyes slightly.

As Dina was about to turn around and leave, she heard a man's seductive voice behind her.

"Miss Li, are you leaving without first saying goodbye to your old friend?"

When Dina heard the familiar voice, she turned back, confronted by Ethan's gloomy expression, his distant aura and a cold smile that had settled on the corner of his mouth.

"Mr. Ethan, what a coincidence meeting you here!"

Dina turned around and flashed a dazzling smile as she realized that she could not escape from him today.

Deep in her mind, Dina felt a little flustered at seeing him so unexpectedly.

Ethan came over, pinched Dina's waist and said, "Miss Li, we haven't seen each other for such a long time. However, you are still ever so charming!"

Dina did not reply, and a faint look of disgust crossed her eyes. She pushed away his demanding hand from her waist and said, "Mr. Ethan, we are not that familiar with each other, so please don't presume to touch me."

"Miss Li, did you see that?" continued Ethan, who didn't seem to have even heard what Dina had said.


Dina said casually as she pretended to study her manicured nails.

Ethan smiled, and cold indifference lingered in his eyes. "Whether you saw anything or nothing, it's always a good idea to mind your mouth. I don't think you will have a good time after dealing with Darren."

Hearing the bold-faced threat, Dina's hands tightened slightly, but she kept her smile firmly in place like a mask to hide behind.

Ethan patted Dina on the shoulder and then brushed closely past her as he left, his tall back becoming a slender silhouette against the light.

Dina looked coldly at the man's figure leaving, and then turned her eyes to the private room not far away while a sneer played bitterly at the corners of her mouth.

After treating her last patient, Taylor was exhausted. Having changed clothes after work, she ran into Louis as she was about to head home.

"Mr. Ke, what a coincidence!"

Taylor greeted politely but noncommittally to the man in front of her. She had no wish to encourage his pursuit of her.

"Yes, well, I've just come here to visit a friend."

The hospital that Taylor worked at was a large private hospital, so it was quite natural that Louis might have a friend here.

After an awkward moment, they walked towards the door side by side.

so incredibly frustrated and annoyed that so many of the interviewees who had come for a job interview at Love and Dream had failed in most of their subjects at school. She wondered how these girls could have the guts to come here. For a moment, she even wondered if these people really believed that Love and Dream was going to go bankrupt.

She couldn't understand how these girls could be so confident that they would be chosen to work at Love and Dream, as if there was nothing better to choose from!

Emily felt that the whole thing was quite ludicrous.

After the long morning spent in interviews, Emily was bone-weary and livid with anger.

She rubbed her swollen eyes and asked the assistant to inform the remaining interviewees outside to return for their interviews later in the afternoon.

Mercifully, by the time Emily followed the HR manager out of the meeting room, the interviewees had already left.

"Mr. He, it is truly an arduous task to interview so many people. In the future, please ask the HR personnel to pre-screen the interviewees, and then I will interview the top candidates, otherwise, it will cost us a lot in time and effort."

Emily rubbed her fatigued and stiff neck, realizing that she felt a little inadequate to accomplish such intense work upon her recent return to work. Besides, she hadn't worked for a long time due to her illness and the pregnancy.

The HR manager heard what Emily had said and carefully considered how to reply for a moment. Then he said, "It's not that we didn't choose the applicants. But, you know, designs are more subjective. Therefore, we can't select the potential designers merely based on the applicants' resumes. We won't be able to make a decision without your personal selection."

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