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   Chapter 1190 Have Things Stolen

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8227

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When the policeman had finished taking some notes for his record and left the room, Emily suddenly held Jacob's hand, and her eyes were full of cunning.

"Jacob, wait a while and then please ask our people to spread the news that there were some thieves who entered our villa and that we are still compiling a list of all the things that have been stolen."

Jacob seemed to instantly understand her meaning when he heard Emily's words.

The news that the Gu Family's villa was broken into by thieves spread like wildfire around Jingshi City and caused a stir on social media. Soon, the public associated it with the news conference that the Gu's had hosted several days ago.

At the Gu Company

In the president's office, Jacob stared at the anonymous e-mail he had received on his computer with eyes filled with malice. The frigid expression on his face was as cold as winter ice, which made anyone who looked at him shiver in the heart.

"Emily, come and have a look!" Jacob turned the screen of the computer to face Emily as she sat opposite his desk, with an expression showing some trepidation.

"It was Bill?!" The news came as a shock.

Emily was quite surprised. After all, Bill hadn't been heard of in a long time. It was unexpected that he would try to lay his hands on the Gu Consortium.

"It seems that Bill has discovered the news that HT Group is now in Darren's hands. Clearly, Bill wants to take a slice of that pie too."

Jacob said in a bitterly cold voice. During the last few months, he had focused all of his attention and efforts on Darren while ignoring Bill's existence. He had planned to solve the big problem of Darren first before going after Bill. But this time, he had made a grievous mistake.

"It doesn't matter. I will stand by you through thick and thin."

Emily laid her small white hand on Jacob's large hand, and her voice was very gentle. Because of Emily's comforting presence, Jacob's tightened body gradually relaxed, and the tension flowed out of him.

"But who could possibly have sent you this email? Why did this mystery benefactor help us?"

Emily asked, overcome with curiosity. She reasoned that there was no logical point to someone helping them anonymously through an email. Since the person had chosen to share the information through an anonymous email, maybe his or her relationship to the Gu's was not well defined. Perhaps the person and they were not even friends; hence, the person ha

's little hands and straightened up. She looked at the teacher with steely eyes and said coldly to Miss Zhao, "Apologize!"


Teacher Zhao looked at Emily in astonishment, unable to utter anything else or even react as she realized that Emily was neither intimidated by her nor would she allow the abuse to continue. Emily had chosen the children's side.

Emily said coldly again, "Apologize!

As a teacher, even if a student does something wrong, you shouldn't break down her character with abusive words, let alone hit her. Is this what a teacher should do?"

Emily's cold voice left Miss Zhao, who was standing to the side, stunned. She had just been appointed to this position, and she had never seen such tough parents. She was momentarily at a loss, but she was too embarrassed to apologize.

Then Miss Zhao glanced at the middle-aged woman, who had taken a seat next to them, for support. She had figured out how to escape from her embarrassment and said sarcastically, "Miss Bai, it was your children who hit someone first. I was just teaching them the error of their ways. After all, as parents, if you can't educate your children, then you should let our teachers do that. If you don't discipline them now, they may become involved in something unethical or corrupt once they've grown up. By then..."


A crisp sound rang out in the spacious office before Miss Zhao finished speaking. Everyone was stunned.

She hadn't expected that Emily would suddenly slap her on the face.

Miss Zhao covered her face with a trembling hand and looked in disbelief at Emily, who stood her ground in front of her.

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