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   Chapter 1189 Could Not Wait To Act Against Jacob

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After the press conference, different comments spread like wildfire online. Some of them were positive, while others were negative and damning.

Some people still believed in and had great faith in Jacob and Emily. Meanwhile, others thought that Jacob and Emily were just bluffing and grandstanding for the media. Anyway, no news was more sensational than the fact that fewer subscriptions to Love and Dream were cancelled.

While the situation with Love and Dream had improved, Dina began to urgently refute the rumor.

For Dina's new drama, an intriguing micro blog was officially posted as follows:

"Recently, Dina has been working so hard on filming her latest project that she has become even thinner. We take great pity on her."

In this post, there were carefully selected pictures of Dina filming while hanging on suspension wires, and judging by the pictures, Dina did appear a little thinner when compared with the pictures of other girls resembling Dina which had recently been shot by some paparazzi.

Seeing the thinner Dina, the netizens began to criticize the graceless paparazzi one after another.

That night, Dina stood in front of French windows, looking out at the myriad of lights playing in the distance while she took a sip of vodka.

At this moment, the cell phone on the bedside table suddenly rang. She picked up the phone and looked at the number, her eyes narrowing slightly. It was impossible to tell what she was thinking from her guarded expression.

Then she answered the call and said in a coaxing voice, "Mr. Xu, why are you calling me so late? Do you miss me?"

"How has everything been going there recently?" Darren ignored Dina's tease and instead asked for a direct answer.

"Mr. Xu, you are still so heartless." Dina's voice was a little gloomy now. "Everything has been going according to plan here, but it's not the right time yet. Just wait a little longer, and everything will be fine."

When Darren heard Dina's words, he did not respond at all and the pause lengthened uncomfortably.

Dina raised her eyebrows slightly and took the phone away from her ear. She looked at the phone and found that the call had not been disconnected.

Dina's right eyelid twitched slightly. She heard Darren speaking to her over the phone again. "Dina, this time, your hotel scandal aroused great controversy. In view of your personality, you should have refuted the rumor immediately. So why did you discredit the rumor so late this time?"

"I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to increase m

n, so I got out of the car. Is there anything wrong?"

Emily's face turned green when she saw that there were several people lying on the ground behind Jacob.

"What happened?!"

Emily asked with a trembling voice as her nerves stood on edge.

"They are fine. They've just passed out. It seems that someone can't wait to kill me."

Jacob's voice was as cold as ice, as if he would destroy the whole world in his fury.

"What should we do now?"

Emily heard Jacob say that the servants were all right. It was only then that she heaved a sigh of relief. Today, it had really been the right choice for her to leave the three children to stay with the Ke Family.

Thinking of how the servants had fainted, she was terrified to the core.

"They dared to come to my home so unscrupulously. It seems that they think I'm going to go bankrupt. Since they dared to lay their hands on me and my property so blatantly, I don't mind returning the consideration with a push."

Emily did not fully understand what Jacob meant, but she felt assured that he had a plan in his heart.

Half an hour later, the servants were stirring and returning to gradual wakefulness as the police arrived at the villa.

In performing their routine check of the villa, the police found that the study was a chaotic scene of disarray. Almost everyone present knew what had happened then.

After all, the news about Love and Dream had spread widely in the city. A few days ago, Jacob and Emily had spoken to the public on good grounds. It seemed that someone could not wait to act against Jacob anymore.

"Mr. Gu, is there anything of value missing?"

a policeman asked as part of the routine investigation.

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