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   Chapter 1188 Emily Stood Up To Clarify The Rumors About Plagiarism

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9800

Updated: 2020-01-16 00:02

The news first broke that the popular female star Dina had returned to Jingshi City, and she had been frequenting some high-end establishments accompanied by different men whom she spent the night with.

On the other hand, the other breaking news was that Love and Dream was under suspicion of plagiarism, and the mysterious plaintiff was suing Jacob for 2 billion dollars.

Those two gossip gems were like bombs in the headlines that blew up in the ears of the people of Jingshi City. The echoes of the news could be felt everywhere.

Compared to Jacob, Dina was obviously much calmer about the rise of her infamy. She had been habitually posting gossip on her social media page. It seemed that she wasn't at all affected by her bad press, and, if anything, she thrived on it.

As for Jacob, after the breaking news, he immediately called an emergency meeting. He had planned to keep news of the plagiarism accusations from Emily. The longer he could suppress the news, the better. Time was of the essence, and he could use as much time as he could get to settle everything. He was worried about Emily's health and was unwilling to tell her about their troubles. However, now that the news had broken, there was no way to hide it anymore.

"None of us wanted it to be like this, Mr. Gu. But they seemed to be very confident that they would win. I think we're powerless to do anything about this at the moment,"

the PR manager said to Jacob as he kept his eyes fixed on the data sheets on the tablet before him. He had begun sweating with tension. However, in sharp contrast, Jacob was much calmer than the manager, appearing unperturbed.

"In order to clarify this plagiarism thing, we will have to hold a press conference, and I am going to make everything clear to the public by myself," Jacob replied with determination.

"Mr. Gu, I think it would be more effective if Mrs. Gu could also be present at the press conference and..."

"No way!"

Before the PR manager could finish speaking, Jacob rejected his suggestion sternly. He glanced coldly at the group of people at the conference table, and his thin lips closed in a resolute expression.

At that moment, the sales manager opened his mouth, saying, "Mr. Jacob, we don't mean to place Mrs. Gu in a difficult position. But it is just that we can't find a better way to solve the problem right now. As the designer of Love and Dream, if Mrs. Gu could show up to clarify the rumor, then people would be more likely to be convinced. It would restore the public's faith in the company. Lately, more and more orders of Love and Dream have been cancelled. If it carries on like this, I fear for our company..."

The sales manager's words trailed off, because he was sure that Jacob knew what he was talking about. Jacob was a smart businessman, of course, and he knew that the sales manager had an excellent grasp on the gravity of the situation.

The atmosph

I will kill you all!" Bill yelled.

Bill, who had disappeared for days, was sitting on the sofa. He was very angry right now. The knife scar on his face contorted in his rage and became even more frightening.

The men in suits standing next to him looked at one another nervously, and then each of them donned a sad face. "Mr. Liu, it's not that we haven't tried our best. If the designer has really made some hidden symbols on the drafts, we would have to see the original ones, or we really won't know how to forge them."

"Then what do you mean? Do you need me to get you more of Emily's original design drawings?"

Bill asked viciously, staring in contempt at the man who had spoken to him just now.

After wiping the sweat from his forehead, the forger replied, "Theoretically, yes."

When the man had just finished his words, Bill's face darkened.

The other day, someone had by chance given him some of Emily's design drafts. So, at present, he didn't have access to any more of them. He thought that since Darren had taken HT Group from Jacob, Jacob would not be as powerful as he had used to be.

Therefore, Bill had thought that he didn't have to be afraid of Jacob anymore. Moreover, he had even taken it for granted that as long as he spread the news that Emily was a plagiarist by forging her designs, he would defeat Jacob. Bill had taken this drastic course of action because he had always been worried that Jacob would fight against him once he was back on his feet again.

Besides, if Jacob was defeated, then Emily…

Thinking of this, Bill gritted his teeth and shouted coldly to the door, "Acton, Acton! Go and get me two of Emily's design drawings by any means necessary; either snatch them or steal them. But get them!"

Very soon, a man hurried in from outside. He opened his mouth and tried to say something when he heard Bill's demands. However, Acton swallowed those words when he saw the look on Bill's face.

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