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   Chapter 1187 Seduction

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In F Country, someone was busy dealing with her problems for the sake of survival.

Nora stood in front of the room door with a key card clenched in her hand. Her small white hand held the key card so tightly that there was a shallow impression in the shape of the card on her hand.

She was more than just a little scared when she thought of Darren's malicious smile.

Standing at the door, she trembled at this thought for about three seconds. Then she put the room card forward and swiped it to gain access to the room.

Immediately, she heard the door click open.

As she entered the room, she found that no one was inside.

Several items of men's clothing were scattered on the floor, as if telling her something.

She pulled and stripped off all her clothes in a flash as the bottoms of her eyes turned red in embarrassment.

She had done this so many times before already. Nora told herself that it didn't matter if she did it one more time. Besides, she might even get rid of Darren.

Nora opened the bathroom door and boldly walked inside.

"Who is it?"

the man inside asked cautiously, and, despite the hazy mist, he could clearly see a woman's naked body approaching him.

Turning off the shower head, Carlos quickly wrapped a bathrobe around his lean figure.

Nora had already walked over to him. Her naked body was now pressed tightly against Carlos' body. Her voice was quite seductive as she asked, "Didn't you love me the most before? Haven't you always wanted to have me? I'm here now."

Looking away, Carlos pushed Nora slightly to the side, wanting to keep some distance from her.

To his surprise, Nora wrapped her arms tightly around his waist.

Carlos no longer pushed Nora away from him. Instead, he said in quite a cold and indifferent voice, "I know why you are here this time. It's for Darren. Why are you doing this like a slut?"

Carlos's words made Nora freeze. Her hands began to slide down from around his waist. Nora stepped back and looked up at Carlos with her bright eyes.

"I'm not doing it for him. I have been doing everything for myself, and I do it because that is how I will survive."

Yes, over the past few years, she had done things which were dirty and had left a stain on her spirit. She could not deny this.

But even when she had to fight for her life by sleeping with other men, she had never thought of going to beg for help from C

ves, Nora knew that her skin had been cut by Darren's greedy blade.

"So you mean you are of no further use to me at all? Does that mean you are just an abandoned chess piece?"

Darren's voice was nefarious and threatening. Nora suddenly panicked. She thought she had been ready to give up the struggle, but at this moment, she had a strong desire to live.

Her face was covered with tears of fear. She looked at the man's face as he towered above her, filling her sight, and she incoherently began to beg, "For the sake of our marriage, please let me go. I promise I will never appear in front of you again. I swear!"

"You expect me to let go of you so easily? I won't do as you wish."

Darren let go of Nora's hand and smiled coldly down at her trembling face.

"Since he doesn't like you, you can now go and find other men who are willing to sleep with you regardless of how filthy you are. You can have sex with them one by one until all of these domestic problems are solved. I will let you go after that."

Darren threw a thick pile of documents onto Nora and issued his orders in a disgusted tone. "This is everything you need to know about those men. You have to memorize all of their information and keep them in mind. You will start entertaining them one by one from tomorrow."

Nora finally collapsed to the floor as the door of the villa was heavily closed, signaling Darren's departure. She was too tired and too fearful to even weep as she looked at the scattered files with the pictures of her next targets.

Recently, two pieces of news had hit the headlines in Jingshi City.

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