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   Chapter 1186 Jacob Threatened Austin

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"Plagiarism? You'd better show us your substantial evidence, or you won't be able to afford paying for it," David warned.

He really hated the way Austin spoke. David knew Emily very well, and he would never believe that she was capable of plagiarism. She was an original artist, not a plagiarist.

"Mr. Xu, don't be so emotional. It's not really up to you to decide whether Emily has plagiarized or not. Of course, it's not up to me either. The evidence will reveal the truth,"

Austin replied as he smiled mysteriously and took out stacks of copies.

All were original design drafts, and even the details of some changes were shown on the copies.

At that moment, David was somewhat shocked, but he still did not believe that Emily would plagiarize.

"So what? My guess is that you might have forged our designs and then deliberately falsified these drafts. Then who could possibly prove your innocence? After all, it's not at all difficult to copy a design draft of Love and Dream," David retorted heatedly.

With a slight smile on his face, Austin didn't reply to David. Instead, he turned to Jacob and asked, "What do you think, Mr. Gu?"

Jacob looked at the copies in his hand for a long time and then said coldly, "You expect me to pay you one billion just for these copies? Do you think I was born yesterday?"

After having spoken, Jacob threw the copies in his hand at Austin, and the papers scattered all over the floor.

Austin's facial expression suddenly changed in response to Jacob's attitude. "What do you mean, Mr. Gu? Do you really want me to go all out and sue you for plagiarism? I suggest you think it over carefully. If the scandal of plagiarism is really exposed, it will ruin the reputations of both you and your wife. That would be much worse than just losing a billion. You're a successful businessman, so I think you can see which is the lesser of two evils, right?" Austin said to Jacob in a tone laced with meaning.

Jacob replied quite calmly, "If everyone came to me with so-called original copies of my work from each season, and they each asked me to pay them one billion dollars for that 'proof, ' then do you think I would still have the means to maintain my business? If that were the case, I'm afraid that I would have had to put HT Group into bankruptcy long ago. Now, if you want to go to the court, I can oblige you in that way!"

After saying that, Jacob stood up from the sofa and threw Austin, who was still confused upon hearing Jacob's words, a disdainful look. "If there is nothing else, we have to go now," Jacob added, signaling that the meeting was over.

After le

you will quickly run out of them. After all, I am a mother of three children. I know what kind of diapers and milk powder are the best. I have had more experience than you at raising children."

Upon hearing Emily's explanation, Rita chose not to say anything more. Then Emily looked at Rita, who had been staring at the baby in the cradle. She seemed a bit nervous.

"Rita, what are you waiting for? Didn't you buy a pair of safety locks for Dean? Why haven't you taken it out yet? Your husband earns so much money, so how can you be reluctant to give it to your nephew?" Emily teased Rita as she looked at her.

Being a little embarrassed, Rita replied, "Nonsense. I am not a mean-spirited woman."

"Then give it to Dean now," Emily urged Rita.

Upon hearing Emily's words, Rita took out a big red velvet box from her bag, and then handed it to Michelle.

"Several days ago, I went to the mall and picked up this gift for Dean. I can exchange it for another one if you don't like it," Rita told Michelle.

Michelle opened the box and saw a longevity lock lying quietly nestled in it. After a while, she closed the box and looked at Rita, saying, "I think Dean will like it."

Rita was stunned and opened her mouth, trying to say something. But in the end, she swallowed back those words and kept silent instead.

"Now that Rita has bought a longevity lock for Dean, I think Michelle will also keep to that promise and buy one for Dylan, right?"

Emily stated as she giggled with mirth and looked at the two sisters in front of her. Rita and Michelle were blood sisters and both of them were greatly concerned for each other, but they were reticent about showing it. Therefore, Emily was trying to help them rebuild their relationship.

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