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   Chapter 1185 I Will Let You Go With Carlos

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9938

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"How about if I send you back to Z Country and get Dina over here? Do you think it is a good idea?" Darren asked Nora.

Upon hearing Darren's suggestion, Nora felt a chill down her spine. However, she did not answer Darren. She realized silence was the best answer considering the circumstances.

Darren remained exceptionally calm despite his question having been ignored. He kept playing with the lighter in his hand. The metal sound of the lighter was exceptionally clear in the otherwise silent office.

After a long time, Darren became impatient. He threw the lighter onto the wooden office desk in front of him and walked towards Nora.

Nora was frightened by his abrupt movement. She couldn't feel her limbs anymore. She felt numb.

"I was talking to you. Couldn't you hear me? I deserve a reply!"

Darren yelled as he kicked Nora on her shin and stared at her coldly with his blue eyes.

"I... I don't wish to go back!" Nora replied in a fearful voice.

Although she was aware that she could stay away from Darren after returning to Z Country, she was afraid that Darren would keep an eye on her all the time. She wasn't comfortable with such constant surveillance. It would be practically impossible for her to escape from his eyes. Besides, she was afraid that if she returned, she would end up in a situation where she'd be begging for death!

Darren reached out his hand to caress Nora's cheek, but she seemed to be uncomfortable by it. Hence, Darren dropped that course of action.

Darren still kept his temper at bay. He withdrew his hand and said with a smile, "Don't worry. I am also unwilling to let you go back before you have done one last favor for me.

You are welcome to stay here, but there is work to be done first. After that is completed, I will give you whatever you want!"

'He can give me whatever I want?' Nora thought to herself as she blinked consistently. She was a little tempted by Darren's unexpected offer.

'Then if I demand to be freed from his clutches, will Darren keep his end of the promise?' Nora wondered.

Seeing that Nora was a little tempted by his words, Darren smiled and continued, "Actually, this work is going to be very easy for you. If you can successfully persuade Carlos to help me to get exonerated, I'll let you go with him. This is the choice I'm offering you. You can either choose to sleep with Carlos alone or you may have to sleep with many other men. Which one will you prefer?"

Fixing his eyes on Nora, Darren gave a sly smile. He knew he had the upper hand here.

"Okay, I shall help you! I really hope that you'll keep your word,"

Nora answered after a long time.

Although she knew that her whole life was a mess, she still thought that it was necessary for her to struggle for a better one if she had the opportunity.

Meanwhile, back in Z Country, ever since the selling of Love and Dream, Jacob's company had been steadily growing. However, this morning, someone sent

who you laugh at, he will be unhappy about that in the end,"

Emily sighed and patiently explained to Beryl.

Maybe that was the lesson every mother should give their daughter.

The next evening, Jacob quickly dialed home, telling Emily not to wait for him to have dinner. After that, he shot a quick glance at David, who was still in the office.

"Do you have anything else left to do? Aren't you supposed to be enjoying your happy hours with your wife and children right now? Why are you not home yet?" Jacob asked David, sounding like a humane boss.

"I'll come here once in a while for a change. It's just a small case. You don't have to do it yourself," David replied earnestly.

Without answering him immediately, Jacob looked at the address on the table and adjusted his suit.

Then he spoke, "I may have to pay a visit to him in person."

He wanted to see who was behind all this mayhem. Love and Dream meant a lot to Emily and himself. It was their dream.

David was sure that he couldn't change Jacob's mind so he simply let him go.

In a VIP box of DH Club, a man was sitting idly. He smiled when he recognized that the two people walking towards him were Jacob and David.

"I was under the impression that you were treating it as a minor unimportant case. Hence, I didn't expect Mr. Gu and Mr. Xu to meet me here in person," he said to Jacob and David.

Looking at the strange man in front of him, Jacob's face remained devoid of any expression. If he was surprised or perplexed, his face definitely didn't let it be known. His eyebrows furrowed a little, but he didn't let anyone notice it.

"Do you know me?" Jacob asked the man.

"Mr. Gu, you are a very famous person in Jingshi City. There are so many people eager to cooperate with you. It's hard for me to not know you, right?"

the man said sarcastically.

"Mr. Gu, let's sit down and have a talk about this case of plagiarism. I know your wife is the plagiarist," the man added.

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