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   Chapter 1182 Taylor And Her Daughter Were In A Car Accident

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Updated: 2020-01-14 00:02

Taylor put her hand on her daughter's face and found that her cheeks were burning with the flush of a fever.

Softly caressing her face, Taylor called out to her softly. "Amy, Amy!"

But there was no response.

Amy's face was beet red and her skin glistened in a way that had Taylor worried. Without further delay, she picked up Amy in her arms and grabbed the car keys before heading out.

On their way to the hospital, Taylor drove as fast as she could and, from time to time, turned back to look at her daughter.

However, in her hastiness, Taylor failed to notice the white minibus that was following them.

By the time she noticed it, her eyebrows creased with concern and her mind scrambled to find a reason as to why they were being followed.

Without a conscious thought, Taylor rolled the window back up and floored the accelerator. The car behind, upon realizing what she was doing, followed in hot pursuit.

Suddenly, two red lights appeared where Taylor's eyes should have been and she slammed the brakes as hard as she could. Behind her, an unsuspecting gray car, not having enough time to react, ploughed into the back of her car.

Taylor quickly took off her seatbelt to help Amy when she saw the minibus pass her by without doing anything.

The only sound that filled her ears was the crushing of glass as she shook her head to clear the fogginess in her head.

The first thing that came to her mind when she came to was her daughter and she looked back at Amy in horror.

Amy was motionless, blood running down her forehead.

With each passing second, Amy's breathing became slower and slower. Taylor desperately shook the little girl to keep her from falling unconscious, but there was no response.

In her desperation, Taylor looked back only to find a fist of gray smoke. The car that hit them must have disappeared right after the impact.

Taylor quickly moved to the back seat and picked Amy up in her arms. She screamed for help, as all desperate mothers would at that moment, fearing the worst and not knowing what to do.

Out of the blue, a black Mercedes Benz screeched to a stop right next to her car. When the windows rolled down, she saw Louis's face.

"Get in the car!" he said to Taylor.

A glimmer of hope lit up Taylor's face as she looked at her baby and kicked the door open with all her strength.

Ten minutes later, Taylor and Louis were sitting at the door of the emergency room, despairingly looking in from time to time.

At the end of what seemed to be the longest hour of Taylor's life,

g a look at the villa behind her, she left quickly.

After Emily started taking the medicine Taylor had given to her, she started hearing strange noises from time to time. On some occasions, she would see something strange, which nobody else could.

However, since her sleeping had improved drastically and the nightmares had stopped, Emily didn't think too much of the side effects.

As Taylor assured her that those were common side effects of the medication, Emily didn't linger on her doubts.

But over time, the symptoms worsened, and she started to get a lot of headaches. The only thing that gave Emily relief were those pills.

Emily's symptoms worsened over the next few days and she became more paranoid.

One day, Emily woke up from her nightmare in the middle of the night with a splitting headache. She looked at the man lying beside her, and then looked out of the window. The howling wind outside was starting to make her sick.

Suddenly, Emily saw a figure on the tree outside the window. A bolt of white hot lightning crackled against the black sky, illuminating a person staring right at her.

It was Darren!

The menacing smile on his face only added to the horror of the sight of him holding a baby in his arms.

Emily sat bolt upright, staring out in wide-eyed confusion, clearly frightened out of her wits.

Frightened by Emily's scream, Jacob sprang up from the bed. When he turned on the lights, he saw Emily trembling under quilt, staring out the window.

"Emily, what's wrong?" Jacob asked as he reached out to hold her in his arms.

But unexpectedly, Emily pushed him away and gave him a frenzied glare, her eyes expressing the fear that was in her heart.

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